Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year 'Challenges'

It seems that as of late when I do find the time to actually write a post because I'm not being depressive/obsessive/anxious/ (insert whatever bad mood seems appropriate here) phase, that I'm now no longer writing a beauty blog. I know that I always write something linked to my problems and personal journey through my obsession, my confusion, my denial I guess. Which is why I feel that going into 2014 that I should at least redefine what this blog is officially categorized as. This is a personal 'recovery' blog. My so-called personal journey through overcoming my obsessions and I guess you could say illness. Or at least that's how I like to think of it. Because most illnesses CAN be overcome. And that's exactly what I want to do. I'm fed up with  it ruling my life. So I wonder if maybe this year I will actually stop it from controlling and defining who I am. 

I know it's stereotypical so I'm not going to give myself 'New Year's Resolutions' as I feel labeling it that is setting myself up for failure. So let's call them 'challenges' as they seem more realistic in a way. So these are my challenges for the year:

  • To smile about at least one thing everyday. I need to remember life isn't that bad. My life isn't a constant hole of dread. I do have things to be happy about and shouldn't let all the negative things constantly rule it. 
  • To start working towards what I want to achieve. I need to stop procrastinating and moaning how much of  a failure I am. By doing so I know that I will actually move closer to my goal. 
  • Try and overcome my obsessions. This one I know will be the hardest. I know I will probably struggle as I'm not well. I do need help and I have a lot of fears. But if I can overcome some of them then it's a step in the right direction right?
I'm kind of afraid to write anymore as I know that my list is actually pretty endless. So if I write too many down then I will be setting myself up for failure because let's face it, nobody is superhuman.

I guess what I need to remember is that no one else can make these changes but me. So that's exactly what I intend to do. 

I hope.

Emily x

Image not my own.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

'It's Thanksgiving' Child Stars

It never fails to amaze me just how many people out there that are willing to do literally anything to try and become a child star! I mean we've got the ones who do generally have a talent, maybe they can sing, dance, do some weird and wonderful thing. Which yes I suppose can be warranted some exposure. But it's the ones such as all the child 'stars' that it's clear have only gotten their record deal or reality show purely because Mummy and Daddy were willing to pay for it! The most famous example is probably Rebecca Black. I think we all remember the lyrical genius that came up with 'Got to have my bowl, got to have cereal!' In 'Friday'! Oh memories aye?

But the one that stands out to me is the wonderfully auto-tuned rendition of 'It's Thanksgiving' by Nicole Westbrook. The lyrics are awful. The video is poor and don't get me wrong the girl doesn't sound terrible singing but she is blatently been heavily edited. Curtosy of parents who were desperate for thier little angel to be the next Disney megastar! But unfortunatley love we've all fallen far too much savvy to these types of media promotions now to even acknowledge this anymore. I think it's safe to say Nicole won't be making it into any of the charts any time soon.

Although I do comend her on the fact that I've managed to endure this oh so delightful video and song even though I live in England and we don't even celebrate Thanksgiving! So I congratulate her for that! All I can say is enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, I hate to be cruel but I really don't see it lasting. Unless Mummy and Daddy pay for yet another single for her...

For those of you who haven't heard the oh so delightful song (lucky you!) then I've posted the video below. Just in case like me you're too curious not to!

Let me know what you think.

Emily x

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Who knew a bulldog could make such a difference? Instant Mood Lift!

I've got to say there are only a few things that really do lift my mood when I'm feeling low. Exercise being the obvious one, then things like going for a coffee with a friend. But recently something I've found that helps quite a lot is watching videos and looking at pictures of cute animals. Don't ask me why but it does. I think it's the whole cuteness appeal and the innocence of them. I just feel better for watching them. So I've decided it's not exactly a bad thing and thought I'd share one that I particularly like. This video is a whole compilation of bulldogs and I've got to say it is one of the most sweetest things. If this can't make you smile I don't know what will!  

Let me know what you think!

Emily x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ziftit - Helping you give and get the gifts you really want!

I'm always struggle to buy presents for certain people. I either have the issue that I just have no clue what to get someone, or if I do know an idea I don't actually know if they'll like it. I find my parents are always a problem to buy for especially! You ask them what they want and all they ever say is 'I dunno, anything'. Well no, you wouldn't just want 'anything' would you? It would be so much easier if people could actually tell you what they want! 

I admit I'm probably the same myself. For those that know me enough to get me a gift but not enough to know everything I like, hence buying gifts that well, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but aren't necessarily something I'd want.And it's the same with me buying gifts for other people. So it begs the question why we don't just make it obvious what gifts we want! If only we could post online a list of gifts we wanted like a 'wish list'! Then when people want to get you a gift for whatever reason, they could just look at your list and get you something you genuinely will like!

It's a good job that Ziftit offer just that service. This is a shopping/ gifting website and app that allows users to create 'Zift Lists' (wish lists) for any occasion. You can add any item at all, from any online shop too and store it in your Zift List for all your friends and family to see. Gifters can then purchase the gifts straight from you Zift List and have it sent directly to you. So they don't even need to worry about postage and packaging! It's all too simple really, I keep thinking there must be some sort of catch!

Well apparently not! Plus Ziftit has some other good features that makes it stand out from others of this kind too that I actually was quite impressed by. Such as the personalized Trending Feed that will fill up with products that it thinks may be of interest to you based on your personal style. Always good for when getting ideas for things you may want, plus an excuse to add some more items to your list!

Then there is also Ziftit’s Events page. This function allows you to create events online and then send out invitations directly to your friends and family, also allowing you to receive RSVPs too. So it also acts as your own little organizer. Plus it's perfect if you need to arrange any sort of society based event at uni or even just meeting up with a group of friends.

That's without even mentioning the mobile app, which includes a Barcode Scanner allowing you to scan products when out and about in shops and then receive a list of where you can find that product (as well as the different prices it’s listed at) online! Perfect for finding a bargain!

Finally, Ziftit’s Pitch In feature allows you to split the cost of gifts with your friends! So no more issues about who needs to pay what , if splitting the cost of a gift! I really don't know why I haven't used this before tbh! Would have made life so much simpler! 

Ooh and that's before I even mentioned the current competition they have running at the moment! Ziftit are holding a Trendsetter Contest and will give away $10,000 to one winner! All you have to do to enter the contest is gather unique products from all over the web and add them to your personal Zift List. Then by using the “follow” feature, you will need to try and gain a following on Ziftit by adding products to their Zift Lists that you think will appeal to your followers. Anything you add to your Then on December 15, the participant with the highest overall influence rating will win $10,000 and will be named “The Trendsetter of 2013.” 

So if that's not a reason to give this a go then I don't know what is. It's certainly worth a look into anyway!

Let me know if any of you do give it a go and I'll be sure to follow you!

Emily x

This is a sponsored post.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Prank Calling Puppies - Surprising Mood Lift!

Hello there,

On a mission to keep my mood up, plus the fact that I was majorly procrastinating from doing my uni work I came across this cute little video on Youtube that certainly put a smile on my face. I think this would be one of the only times I would except a prank call and actually be alright with it. (Well only if Skype was involved!) If not I think I might be a little confused by what was going on but I'm sure you'll see what I mean when you watch the video yourself! So anyway here is something that I hope puts a smile on your face too and I think you'll agree you wouldn't mind getting a call from them either! 

Have you come across any other cute prank calling animals? If you have please let me know! 

Emily x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Lack of self control

What is wrong with me? Well I could name a lot of things actually but the one thing that I'm talking about is constantly eating! Okay at the moment this is fine. It's good in fact! If anything I should be eating 24/7 and trying to put on loads of weight! But it's the fact I'm eating when I'm not hungry then feeling really bad about it later as it's a waste of food I could have had at a later time! To most people this is ridiculous! If you want to eat something you should right? Well my head is still too messed up for that right now! I wind myself up because it's like I have a  lack of self control. If something is in front of me I just feel the need to eat it whether I actually wanted it or not! Which at the moment as I said is probably not all that much of a bad thing. What concerns me is the fact that I know I won't be able to stop when I am at a normal weight! I have this fear that I'm just going to continue being like this and end up huge. I don't do enough exercise to warrant the amount I eat! 

Eurgh I hate the fact I think like this! When will these thoughts stop!?

Emily x

Friday, 20 September 2013

Admittance is the key to everything... right?


Okay there is a reason that I haven't been posting. Not only is it partly down to laziness and lack of self motivation but as you can probably guess from the last post I actually wrote I haven't been exactly in the best of places. I wrote in my last post about how I believed I was depressed and was planning on seeking medical help. Well I can happily tell you I did in fact go and see a doctor and they've put me on a course of low dose anti-depressants. And you know what. I think they're actually working! Since I've started having them my mood has significantly lifted. It's not just me who has said it either. My Mum has said I seem so much better and she's noticed a real change! Equally my Dad said he doesn't feel like I was as snappy with him anymore and was more willing to laugh and joke about things, just like I always used to.

Now I'm not saying it's a miracle cure. I've still had my low days and things do still get me down. The other day for instance. I went on a real low. I absolutely detested myself. All for the most ridiculous of reasons. Well I guess to me it's not ridiculous otherwise I wouldn't have let it bother me in the first place. But to everyone else, on the surface, it's absolutely nothing. Unless of course you're in a similar situation or have been there. You see it's one of those things that unless it's happened to you, you can never understand. No matter how much you try. Or even think you do. You can't!

You're thinking this is linked to the whole depression thing. Well I guess in a way it kind of is. But it's also linked to something that has been an ongoing problem with me for the past five years. I always thought I'd gotten better. I always thought I'd beaten this horrific illness. But I guess deep down I always knew it was still a problem and it was only going to be so long before it started to take over again. I guess secretly it's been going on for the past two years. But then when I started university and I really thought I'd finally beaten it. I really did improve. I went from being so controlling to having much less of a care. I became so much more willing to try new things and I guess everyone just couldn't be happier with my transformation. But in a way this was also my downfall. Because with that I developed new obsessions. Possibly even worse than the original ones as even though I'd beaten one demon, another was slowly emerging underneath. And really it was the same thing, just in a new form.

Yes I have an eating disorder. As much as it pains me to write that I know it's true. Now I haven't got an eating disorder in the sense I'm starving myself (like I did when I was severely anorexic at 13/14). In fact I love food. As I write this I'm sitting eating a bowl of cereal! But I know food is an issue with me. The fact I count every calorie in my body is a fine example of that. But don't get me wrong. I will happily eat really high fat treats and snacks. Today I ate a cinnamon swirl. I got my Mum to buy me a pretzel from Mr Pretzels today, two in fact! And I will eat them. Over the past few days I've even eaten croissants, pastries, chocolate, far too much cake and doughnuts! To anyone I look like I can't stop stuffing my face. But that doesn't stop me from resenting myself for it! That doesn't stop me from feeling so physically disgusted in myself for eating it. It doesn't stop my overly obsession with exercising! It hasn't changed my absolutely ridiculous eating pattern of attempting to not eat all day only so I can stuff my face all night! Only to regret it horribly when I'm awake till half 3 every night and then wonder why I'm so bloody tired all the time! Plus it makes me feel even worse when I end up snacking on something really nice but awfully bad for me at like sometimes not even lunchtime! But why do I do this to myself?!

I know I shouldn't feel guilty for eating high fat foods! I know I shouldn't feel bad for eating.... normally! I'm young. My metabolism would burn it off anyway. Plus I do exercise so it's not like the higher fat foods with lots of calories would even really effect me that much. Also I'm severely underweight! Eating a lot more and actually putting on weight will do me good! I need to! I keep telling myself that I'm trying to! But I guess really I don't. I guess really I'm not trying that hard. I may think eating all these really high fat foods are making me put on weight. But really I know I'm probably still not eating enough calories in a day to put on weight. Maintain yes. But not put on. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I know I have a problem and I guess I need to admit that to ever be able to do anything about it.

Let's just hope I do.

Emily x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Feeling low and getting help...

Now I know we all have bad days but why do I seem to feel like I always have more than most? Is there something majorly wrong with me? I admit it. I failed in my aim to be positive this month. I'm sorry to all my readers. I did make you a promise and I never achieved my goal. I guess deep down I knew I wouldn't last. I think I've known it from the very off. I'm just not a positive person and tend to see the negative in everything. Which I know is wrong. I know I need to stop being so down all the time but I don't know how to stop myself from feeling like this. Well actually I do and that's why I'm going to make a change.

You must be thinking, 'she says this all the time'. Which yes I do. But this time I'm getting proper help. I thought it's best that I tell yous all first as I really don't know how this is going to effect me or what I'm going to turn out like. Let's hope for the better and I suddenly gain a new lease of life. But to be honest you never can tell. But fingers crossed it will all be good. Anyway I've actually gotten round to doing what I've known for about 8 months I needed to do. I've booked myself a doctors appointment for Tuesday and with any luck they may be able to help me stop feeling so low all the time! 

I do believe I may be depressed. Either that or I have severe anxiety/stress/OCD. Well in fact I have all of those two. Plus I know I still have eating issues as well, not so much in the sense that I've got an actual disorder but I'm still conscious. I guess it's something that I probably always will be though ever since my eating disorder when I was fourteen. But that's a whole other story. Connected to this. Possibly. The entire reason for this.Not even the slightest.

I'm hoping my going to see the doctor on Tuesday they might be able to offer me some sort of antidepressant. I know they say that antidepressants are a last resort but I really have tried everything else. I've tried counselling  I've tried hypnotherapy. I've tried herbal remedies of all kinds. I've spoken to endless amounts of people and they're not making me any better. I need something to actually give me a boost! And let's fact it, how many people in the world do actually take them? Thousands. If not millions. They're not abnormal! And I won't be abnormal for having them. If anything they will be making me normal! 

So I guess we'll just have to wait and see how I get on. I really hope they see how much I need them. It really is a case of need. Of course I will listen to their suggestions and discuss alternatives, but I really can't see any other alternative right now. So keep your fingers crossed for me!

Emily x

PS:  If anyone else is in the same situation or had similar experiences or anything. I'd really appreciate some ideas and advice. Equally I'm happy to discuss my own experiences too!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Defeating your problems.. One dog's inspirational story

Hey everyone,

Well I posted yesterday about how I was determined to make August my month and one that will be the start of a whole new me. And in a way I kind of have as I'm refusing to give up just yet. I will admit I've not had the best of days though. My emotions have been a bit all over the place and things that shouldn't have been bothering me have.  But I'm not going to dwell too much and trying not to be overly negative about it. After all things aren't the end of the world and there are a lot of people who have probably had a worse day than me. 

See so I am slowly becoming more optimistic! Just think I usually would have continued to be negative and not even considered that anyone could be having a worse time than me! Nor would I have thought that I could improve the situatin in any way. So I really am trying! 

So what has actually got me being so positive? Well apart from a more healthier attitude to everything I also have seen quite an inspirational video today. Now I'm not saying that this is the reason that my whole outlook on life has changed but it did make me feel quite emotional in a good way! It made me think that a lot of people and animals have a lot of difficulty in their daily lives through genuine physical problems. Where as all my issues are silly little things that are easily fixable. Some people can't just easily fix their problems. Not without a great deal of effort and determination and even then it's not always guaranteed.

To get what I'm really talking about you'll have to see this video. So here it is:

Is that not the most cutest and sweetest thing you've ever seen?

Well I thought so anyway! And it just goes to show that you really can defeat your problems! So that's exactly what I aim to do! :D 

Let me know what you think about the video :)

Emily x

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

August... my best month yet!


Okay I've decided that enough is enough. I need to stop being so negative all the time and start actually making myself happy. They say that only one person can ever make any change in life and I know that that person is me. So unless I sort myself out I never will be happy. I never will be successful or achieve my dreams. So now is the start of being positive

I know I've done this little pep talk like four billion quadrazillion times before and then like the next day I'm back to my usual miserable, depressive, crying over everything and anything self. But I refuse to be like this anymore. I've got to remember that nothing is ever as bad as I think it is and that if I'm determined to fight through problems then I'm sure I can turn any issue into at least half the problem it originally was. Plus tomorrow is the start of August. This month is my month! I'm a typical Leo and have always thought of August as being the month that was made for me. Also I'm going to consider it the real start of my summer, seeing as I've wasted the rest of it with being too negative and not letting myself fully enjoy it. 

Another reason I'm going with August is because I've actually got quite a few good things to look forward to this month. I mean I'm not exactly excited about my birthday as to be honest I don't actually want to turn 19! Yes that's right 19! I'm officially old! But anyway I guess it is still something that should be nice, especially as my birthday present is to see Wicked at London's Apollo Theater up the West End! Something I've been dying to see for the past 5 years!

Then at the end of the month I'm also going to see West Side Story at the Palace Theater in Southend. I've booked it partly because I think it will be good fun and a nice thing to see but also for my cousin's birthday (coincidentally the same day as mine!) Also it's a chance for me to actually spend some time with her, which is something I never do since going to uni!

I've also got a spa day with my Mum at Bannatynes Gym and Spa n the 2nd! Which will be lovely! We go their annually as it's what my Mum gets for her brithday from the company she works for and my Mum always kindly takes me with her! So this will be my third/forth time now and I can't wait! Both to use the gym as it's just nice! Can't wait for my run :D and then to relax in the sauna :) Then the best bit! Not one but two treatments!! I'm gonna be having a full body Swedish Massage and a facial! 

Right I think that's enough talk about that right now! I'll save it all for another day!

But I'm making it known! Emily is going to be a happy and optimistic person (or at least I'll try to be anyway!)

Do any of you think I can do it? Or have any tips for me?

Emily x

Monday, 29 July 2013

Bloggers Aspiration/ Rant/ Negative Thoughts by me....

I really wish I was one of those people that sticks to their promises. I have the self control in some aspects. Like for instance I fill out an online food diary daily which tracks the nutritional information of what I eat and helps me watch what I eat. Probably both a good and bad thing to be truthful but still that's a post for another day. If I ever get round to it, that is. 

You see my problem is that I'm always trying to do four billion different things at once and never get round to finishing anything. Like I never even finished explaining things that I do on a daily basis without fail. Another example being my little standard fitness regime that is just compulsory. Again another post for another day but basically it's a set routine of sit ups, push ups, planks and stretches that I spend at least 20 minutes of my day and if I don't I feel a bit awkward. Obsessive I know. But hey that's me. 

So it really does beg the question... why can't I become just as obsessive with blogging? I guess it's because I go from one obsession to the next. Always have done (I think anyway) and think for the foreseeable future I always will do. Then I can sometimes break those little obsessions which is good in some cases but then I just seem to move on to something else. 

I really hope that one day my obsession will be blogging because I know once I get into it I'll really be able to make a successful blog. One that's as good as all the other amazing ones I read. So many of the girls in the Her Campus blogger's network have such amazing blogs and it almost makes me depressed that I can't match them. Well I say can't. I can. I just don't. Or is it won't? Oh I don't know. Maybe I'll sort myself out. Maybe. Probably not anytime soon though. 

Will I ever get my act together? Will I ever be the success I want to be? 

Emily x 

PS: Sorry for the post being all a bit too personal and negative. I know I know, I don't post for ages and when I do it's a personal rant in a way. I do deeply apologize to any readers out there. I will one day be better I promise!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Her Campus National Intercollegette Conference 2013

Hello ladies, 

Now this is something that I have been dying to tell you about and if you haven't heard of it already, where have you been? Her Campus are holding their annual National Intercollegiette Conference and this year it's set to be the biggest and best yet! This incredible event is happening on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July in the good old Big Apple (New York City!) So if that's not enough of a reason to go I don't know what is! (Can anybody tell I've not actually ever been to New York before :() Therefore if like me, you've been deprived of this priviledge or even if you're a regular in the legendary city, attending this vent will be the perfect opportunity to go.

 Okay so I may see you thinking, why else would we want to go to an event like this? Well other than the fact it's being run by the brilliant Her Campus brand but you'll also get to experience an inspiring weekend full of keynotes, panels, and workshops on everything you need to make it in the media world plus lots more. So if you've ever even considered working in this industry then this will be the ideal opportunity to network with industry leaders and other collegiettes from across the US and some even international ones like myself!

What's more is all attendees will receive a fantastic goody bag full of freebies. As well as getting to experience lots of various activities and events from mini manicures, a braid bar, an exclusive BCBGeneration sample sale, 'Girl Rising' film screening all while enjoying some very tasty treats from Chipotle! So you'll leave feeling pampered, revived, knowledgeable, full from all the delish food and quite frankly in one of the happiest moods you've ever been in! I'm excited by just the thought! But be warned ladies! Tickets are selling like Hot Cakes! If you want to go the the National Intercollegiette Conference then you need to register ASAP!

The link to sign up for each day are below: 

The Saturday July 27 Conference is for Her Campus team members only. Register here
 The Sunday July 28 Conference is for Her Campus team members & readers. Register here

 But as I said they're selling out fast so make sure you grab your tickets now! Would also like to give special thanks to Her Campus partners, Intel, BCBGeneration, Josie by Natori, Merck, Chipotle and Amtrak for their support! 

Hope to see you there! 

Emily x

Monday, 1 July 2013

Friday Favourite... on a Monday!


A little while ago I used to be obsessed with an online community (I won't say what one in case that's not allowed as all content posted within the site was supposed to be kept strictly confidential!) But anyway one of the things they always had was known as a 'Friday favourite'. Now this is where basically you can write about your 'favourite' of whatever the topic was that week. Sometimes there wasn't even a topic and it was literally whatever was your favourite something that you wanted to share with everyone else. So I thought I'd include one (even though I know it's not Friday!) but seeing as it's just for my blog it doesn't matter what day of the week it is... 

Anyway this time I'm going to mention my new favourite dessert!... 

I've just discovered the Muller Light Desserts! Omg they're amazing! I have a particular passion for White Chocolate so when I saw the White Chocolate Muller Light Dessert I couldn't really resist! So glad I didn't resist it as well because it's actually so so nice! It's just the right amount of creaminess and indulgence yet isn't too thick or sickly! Would recommend anyone gives these a try! Even those that are on a summer diet as they're only 99 calories and 2 grams of Fat! Almost too good to be true in my opinion :D 

Has anyone else tried them yet? :) Or is there something else that I'm missing out on?

Emily x

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Never finishing what I start...

Hello Ladies,

I know it's been a while. I hate that I always do this. I hate the way I'm so so unorganized. It's not that I don't have the ideas or the inclination to blog as believe me I do! I have pages and pages of notes of things I think I should blog about. Or stuff that I find amusing and want to write more about. Plus several unfinished articles all sitting waiting to be finalized and posted. But do I ever do any of them? No. I'm useless! 

It's any wonder this blog is even still running! I will never know how I get any readers at all! I bet it's always a complete revelation to see something has actually been posted on here! I would like to say I'd change. I'd like to be able to promise to post every week. Even just once a week. But to be honest I know it's not true. I always end up with four billion other things to do and before I know it I've not gotten round to it again! Why do I do this?

It makes me wonder if my brain is just powered not to finish anything that I start? Well in terms of blog posts anyway!Which is even more annoying because I hate people that do that! Which in a way means I kind of hate me! This is not good! I really shouldn't be so self hating! Grr! Maybe actually finishing a blog post for once will make me feel better! Who knows?

 I think I may in fact be classed as the Worst Blogger ever?! I love writing.  I love blogging. I love connecting and socializing and sharing a passion! But I just fail at posting and getting my act together! Frustration doesn't even come close to describing it! 

How do other bloggers do it?! How do they dedicate so much time! Anyone care to share some tips?

Till next time... could be a while...

Emily x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wasted Fresher's Year? at least I discovered Residence Hall Linens!


So a couple of weeks ago now I wrote a post about how I couldn't get over how quickly my first year of uni had gone! it's amazing to think that I've completed a whole year and am now the really serious part kicks in! Because lets face it, we all know that first year is a bit of a what could be called a 'doss' year and that it doesn't really matter. Which of course in a way isn't true, as all of uni must count in some way, especially when it comes down to the final year and your first year results may influence you getting a first or a second! Or of course unless you wanted to do a placement year or year abroad in that case you definitely need to be getting more than the 40% pass mark! but other than that first year is all about being a fresher, going out, enjoying yourself, throwing yourself into independant living and generally just finding yourself. 

Now I will admit I think I was far too sensible for my own good really! I don't think I made nearly half as much of being a fresher as I should have done. By this I mean I was always one to favour a night in than going out enjoying myself. I think maybe that's because I'm not exactly the biggest drinker and to be honest the idea of getting absolutely hammered is not something that overly appeals to me! Which being a student in Leeds seems to be all about! So maybe looking back at the past year I should have let myself go a bit more and not spent so many nights in! But I guess we live and learn and there is no point looking back with regret as I did still have an amazing first year and certainly can say coming to uni in Leeds was the best decision I've personally ever made!

I've learnt so many life skills! I'm now so independent and the idea of living at home with my parents again seems almost uncomprehendable! At Christmas and Easter when I went home for a couple of weeks I just found it so strange having people trying to do things for me. I didn't like it really. I liked doing things for myself. Even the smallest things irritated me about suddenly not being so reliant on myself. You think I'd like suddenly being spoilt and having everything done for me again like my dinner's being cooked and my room being cleaned, but no. It was so odd, my Mum went to make my bed for me - something I'd like to add she never did when I lived at home! But for some reason it really annoyed me! It was like, I can do it myself! 

Although maybe I shouldn't complain too much when she did use some amazing new bedding that she ordered specially for me from Resident Hall Linens! And I know this can't have come cheap, especially as living in the UK we have to pay for the international shipping fee! So all I can say is that I'm a very lucky girly! If you've never seen RHL's collection then OMG visit the site now! Yes click on the link now. It's imperative! In fact I'll post it again just underneath just to make it even easier for you! They do some amazing designs and patterns perfect to suit any room and I could spend ages looking through the site picking out my perfect items. I'm actually quite looking forward to getting to choose some new things for when I move into my new flat in September. I'm already thinking about what ones I might get! Of course I think I'll have to stick with my favourite pink colour scheme, but who knows if something alternative catches my eye I'm certainly open to giving it a go.

So what do you think I should go with? 
The options of bedding is limitless, just take a look for yourself - and not forgetting storage too! -

Oh Residence Hall Linens really do spoil me for choice!

Emily x

NB: This is a sponsored post. Views promoting the Residence Hall Linens Company. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

A little place of Heaven... the perfect coffee shop in Leeds

Those of you that read my blog regularly will know I love Coffee and one of my favourite past times is wandering round the City Center of Leeds, browsing round all the local shops and generally doing a bit of time wasting! Even more so it seems when I'm stupidly busy! And one part of my general day to day goings about involves getting a coffee. It just has to be done. I have like a little compulsion and just can't avoid it. So as you can imagine I have become a bit of an expert when it comes to getting a good cup of coffee and like mine to be made in a specific way. Of course it's been more than necessary for me to have had to test out practically every shop selling coffee in Leeds. Do you know what it's amazing how many of them can't live up to my expectations! Even major chains such as certain Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero have left me less than satisfied. It just seems that certain baristas have no concept of how to make a decent cup! Well fortunately I've found somewhere that truly does live up to it's name and does provide a little cup of heaven!

Heaven Cafe in Leeds, located opposite Little Waitrose and 99p Shop certainly does know how to make me coffee just how I like it. I'm definitely not easy to impress, so take my word for it, they've got to be good! From the perfect frothy Cappuccino - any idea what's my favourite, to a flavoured latte. Then not forgetting the absolutely gorgeous and very indulgent Hot Chocolate, Heaven truly does it all! What's even better if that you can enjoy your choice of beverage accompanied by one of their extremely tasty cakes or pastries or if you're feeling a bit more peckish you can always try one of their very tasty baguettes or fresh sandwiches all made in front of you! You can't ask for much better than that!

Even if you could ask for better then Heaven doesn't fail to disappoint! They even sell chocolates! Yes you read that right, they have a fine selection of very indulgent Belgian chocolate all for a very reasonable price! I've got to say this place truly is heaven! I really didn't think that there could be anything more than could make this cafe even better than that, well that's until I visited one morning on my way to work and ordered an extra strong cappuccino, made perfectly frothy and with an extra shot plus my favourite syrup too, well I was quite satisfied with that alone. But then to be told I could have a danish pastry or porridge for free just because it was before 10:30am! Yes FREE! As you can imagine my day was completely made and I went to work a very happy girl with my pastry and coffee.

I honestly couldn't recommend Heaven more and if you haven't visited then you're truly missing out! Be careful though this place can become very addictive as the food and drink is just too good! It's hard to stay away. I'm struggling even more now they've released their summer frappes too! In fact I think I may have to have a little trip there in a minute, could certainly do with a little treat right now and I can't think of anywhere better to go! 

Anyone fancy joining me?

Check out their Facebook page by clicking on the link Heaven of Leeds.

Emily x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bikini and Body Confidence

Hello everyone,

So I was browsing the internet for some summer beauty inspiration and came across a post from Super Savvy Me that stated that 'Most Women Do Not Feel Confident In A Bikini!' Well upon reading this I thought, tell me something I don't know! I think it's safe to say unless you're an amazingly confident person who never has any worries or fears - in which case I'm extremely envious of you - that we all have had that moment of dread when thinking about going out in a bikini. It's the whole idea of being fully exposed and having everything there on show for anyone to see. No matter how tall, short, fat, thin or anything in between most people will have a body hang up in some way or be just a little bit self conscious of the way they look. The best part being that more often than not, no one else cares at all and it's all in our heads! 

But this got me thinking how self conscious I actually am when going away or knowing I'll be seen in just a bikini. Now most people if they see me wouldn't believe I'd have any issues at all. I am very very slim, too slim in fact and could probably do with putting on a bit of weight! But that doesn't mean I don't have body worries. I'm forever plagued with the whole thing that because I'm so slim literally I feel like everything and anything I eat goes straight to my stomach and then I end up with a nice little food baby! Not what you want when you're trying to walk around in a bikini! Of course anybody else would probably be saying 'What on earth is she talking about?' 'Her stomach is so flat!' 'Food baby? Does she need glasses?' In answer to all of these Yes I am probably imagining it and yes I'm making it seem 10 x worse than it ever is. But that's the thing about confidence. It's how you feel in yourself, and often no matter how many times someone else tells you something you still don't fully believe them! 

So I've been thinking about ways that we can have an 'instant' body boost of confidence.There certainly has to be some way of boosting this even if it's just a tiny bit! Super Savvy Me does actually have a few suggestions of their own but I'm not sure how effective they'd be, I mean can something so simple as these things really work? I guess you shouldn't knock something unless you've tried them. So over the next few days I'll be posting a different Summer body boosting confidence idea and here is the first one:

Get a pedicure!

Apparently it really is that simple. According to research they carried out on some of their panel the easiest way to instantly give yourself a bit of a body confidence boost is to treat yourself toes to a pedicure! I know I didn't think that something so small could be effective either. But their beauty editor stated that seeing well groomed, bright and vibrant coloured toes will instantly lift your mood and of course in the summer months we (should) have our feet on show a lot more. (After all we should all be in sandals and showing off our Flip Flops, although if you live in Britain I would beg to differ when that opportunity may be!) 

Going on the theory that this works I suggest we all get ourselves down to our local nail and beauty salons pretty sharpish! I know my feet could certainly do with a bit of TLC as I have neglected them a lot over this winter! In fact my nails are awful looking at them! Maybe a pedicure will give me a boost just because I've had a bit of a pamper! Although if you're like me and a bit strapped for cash right now, a luxury pedicure may be out of the question. So here are some little tips for ways you can treat yourself at home...

  • File and Trim your nails to a square shape as this avoids the risk of the nail becoming ingrown. Which I can tell you is not pleasant in any way, shape or form! 
  • Next ensure the nails cuticle beds are all removed by using a cuticle remover and stick to push the nail beds back. 
  • After this you want to ensure the nails are free of any old polish, so make sure you're using a good quality nail varnish remover such as Andrea Fulerton Pump It Up Nail Varnish Remover £3.99 from Superdrug and cotton pads and give your toes a wipe over. Then use a nail buffer to smooth over the nails and get rid of any flaky bits as this will ensure your nail polish goes on much smoother.
  • Now get a bowl of warm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. This should soften up the skin and make it easier for when you're buffing your feet to remove all the dead and hard skin. 
  • As you might have guessed next you should use a foot file to remove all the hard skin off the bottom of your feet, alongside a foot exfoliater/scrub and get those gorgeous smooth feet you deserve. I'd recommend the Superdrug Intensive Foot Scrub £3.49 from Superdrug as it contains gentle exfoliants, jojoba seed oil and aloe vera which will smooth and soften rough and dry skin. 

  • Then use a moisturiser, a specified foot one is best such as the CCS Foot Cream 175ml £7.99 from Superdrug. This is as specialized foot moisturizing creams are more effective in dealing with the intensity of the hard skin of feet and will keep the feet softer and less dry for a longer period of time. Which hopefully will prevent any further problems developing.
  • Now just give your nails one last wipe over with some nail varnish remover to remove any grease and oil. Before applying a nail strengthening base coat. 

  • This is probably the best bit! Choosing which colour to use as your varnish! The hot colours for summer are Bright Pink, Orange and Turquoise Blue. These are some of my favourites below: 
Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream Nail Polish £2.99 from Superdrug.

Nicole  by O.P.I Nail Lacquer in City - Pretty Rose £7.99 from Superdrug.

Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Cerise £5.99 from Superdrug.

But of course you should go with whatever takes your fancy! Once you've selected your colour apply two coats (allowing time to dry in between). Before finishing off with a clear topcoat.

That should just about complete your own DIY pedicure. So what do you think, can a pedicure really be all you need to get that boost of body confidence? 

Emily x

All images sourced from the Superdrug Website

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Uni Preparations with the help of RHL!

Hello everyone,

It's only actually just really dawned on me the fact my first year at uni is over :( I've had many ups and downs along the way. Times of pure joy and which I can say have been the best moments of my life. But of course this is counteracted with lots of stressful situations where I've felt so stressed and low that I've been on the verge of a breakdown! Although I will admit that personal factors played a part in that too! 

But to think I'm now at the end of what has been a truly incredible Fresher's year. Just where did the time go? It only feels like yesterday I was moving in to my Halls of Residence, a naive and despite being extremely excited I will admit I was a little bit frightened too. I mean it was the first time I'd ever lived on my own. The first time I'd been away from home for what was going to be longer than a week! How was I seriously meant to cope? Would I cope at all? So many questions. I didn't even know who to turn to either. I felt too bad ringing my parents as I knew they were emotional wrecks too! I mean their little girl was moving away and not even a little way away... a whole five hour journey away! So believe me if I wasn't coping and wanted to go home it simply wasn't an option! But fortunately after the very initial homesickness, which if I'm being perfectly honest, only lasted for all of a day or so, I was so happy to have finally gotten true independence. 

So if you're going to be going to uni this year and wondering how you're actually going to get by without your parents, it is easier than you think! One thing I was surprised at was how quickly I picked up so many new essential life skills! I mean I actually learned how to do things for myself. I always thought when living at my parents home that I wasn't too bad in terms of knowing how to do things. I mean I knew how to cook basic foods before e.g. pasta, beans on toast but now I can do full on creative dinners! Students do not have to live off very basic dinners! I now cook everything from curries, to Mexican dishes to inventing my own throw together meals (believe me you can get very inventive when you're faced with a number of foods in your fridge that all need using up before they go off! In fact I may even post a list of some of my culinary inventions soon just to help any new freshers make cheap and healthy foods.Or of course any body who like the sound of some of them and just fancies giving them a go! They are nice, honest.

Anyway back to the skills I've learnt. I of course knew how to tidy up and things. You know all the usual things like making your bed, hoovering, wiping over sides, etc. But you actually learn to see how important it is to do it regularly. Plus I actually make the effort to do things like washing up immediately  I can't stand having dirty dishes laying around now.. a la my housemates! In fact I've become a bit of a kitchen snob! I hate the way my housemates treat the kitchen and the way they're so messy and dirty. Things are getting so bad we've had mould! Yes they're that disgusting  You may think how can I live like it? Well there's two reasons, one uni also teaches you to tolerate people a lot more! But two you also learn that you can't give it to people and clean all their things all the time otherwise they just expect it! So if you're going into halls be warned, not everyone you live with will be hygienic! But as long as you are that's all that's important!

Actually saying that one thing I will admit I didn't do for about a whole 3 months when I first moved in was change my bed sheets! How terrible I know?! But I do have a valid reason, I couldn't physically do it! My bed was just ridiculously difficult to change the sheets and duvet cover on! It took me like a whole hour to do it on my first attempt! Which of course it utter madness! I rung up my Mum to complain that I had such issues with this and she admitted that the bed I have at uni is particularly difficult to put a sheet on due to the strange shape of the mattress (it's a 3/4 bed so it's just a bit bigger than a single but not quite a double). Plus it seemed to take forever to dry the sheets and things anyway! Having more than one bed cover set is something I'd definitely recommend doing! One website you might want to have a look at is: Hall Linens actually do some really nice ones and they're affordable too! Plus if you use this special code I've posted at the bottom of my blog post you get a bigger discount as well! So well worth a look at, in fact this is an even more specific link to the RHL website:

Yes girls I know this is only really good if you're from the US but you can get it shipped over like I did with one and it's not that expensive if you get  good deal on the international postage. I'm quite fortunate I have family in the US who shipped it over but I think even straight from the company it's still fairly reasonable! It's just a shame you don't have the same in the UK! America seems to have everything!

DISCOUNT CODE:  "MAYSAVE25RHL" which takes $25 off Value Packs ONLY

Anyway I'm sure you're all searching the RHL website now looking at all their products! Do you think you'll be trying any of them?

Emily x

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Petrol Station Confidence

Hello readers,

I'm ever so grateful that you're back once again! Or maybe this is your first time reading my blog in which case Welcome! and I hope you do like me a little! 

Anyway so again I've been doing what I seem to do best... procrastinating! It's probably why I end up stressing out so much when it comes to deadlines and the days before an exam. Which is slightly becoming more and more concerning considering in just six days time I will be sitting one :s Yes that is a 'Worry' face! Yet strangely I'm not majorly. Well I kind of am.

Oh I don't know. Put it this way I'm concerned and worried but not so much so that I'm really doing anything about it and still think that some how I'm magically going to be okay in the exam! Even though I know that's certainly not true in any way, shape or form! Maybe I should start revising a bit more? Well I certianly shouldn't be procrastinating as much as I am anyway and spending all night watching silly Youtube clips! 

Although the one I'm blogging about is amazing and will brighten up your day to say the least! I think all I can say is these people are so fun and to be able to just stand there and belt out a tune in the middle of a petrol station is beyond me! Such inner confidence and pride. I really wish I had their sort of confidence, to just not worry about what anyone else thought and just be so bold and out there. I'm jealous of them! I think inner confidence and self belief really is beautiful, especially when it's from too clearly adorable and kind hearted, innocent people as the two in this video!

Jay Leno certianly got lucky when he chose this petrol pump! Think how different this phrank could have been if he'd gotten some miserable person who refused to play along! Well anyway here's the video... I think you'll agree it's entertaining to say the least!

Told you it was good didn't I! What did you think of their rendition of 'Living on a Prayer'? Think you'd have the confidence to sing in the middle of the petrol station? I wish I did!

Emily x

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Treadmill Dance Stress Relief


I've been having one of the most stressful weeks! Deadlines on assignments are never good and certainly cause me a lot of anxiety and frustration! It seems that with me nothing can ever go smoothly. There's always something that wants to stand in my way and cause me major stress. Resulting in a not very happy bunny! So during one of my most recent outbreaks of shouting/screaming/swearing at my laptop I was actually relatively relieved to hear a little 'Bing' noise that meant I'd received an email. It meant that I could just switch to see something different. As staring at my work was doing my head in and I needed a welcome break! Even if it was just a bit of junk mail. Something to simply look at for one second and then delete. Anything was needing just to break up the constant strain of trying to figure out why I couldn't complete my work! 

Well I'm glad to say it was much better than junk mail. Much, much better than Junk Mail! It was actually an email from one of my friends who I'm always emailing like basically on a daily basis about something or another. Whether we're talking about a project or moaning about the Conditioning Class she runs because of some muck up at the gym or a newbie! But regardless I love her and her little messages always brighten up my day as she's one of them people that is permanently optimistic!  Honestly this woman is never unhappy! She is a constant ball of optimism, hope and happiness. If you need someone to help bring your mood up, she is the one to go to! So to receive a little email from her I knew my mind would be refreshed and I would be able to maybe just about smile for at least a minute! And I'm glad to say her little email certainly did that! 

Why you may ask? Did I receive a bit of gossip? Or was just a nice little message from a highly motivational friend just the answer? Well I will tell you. She actually sent me a link to a Youtube video that certainly put a smile on my face as it's just quite clever in my opinion. Basically it's a man and he combines Fitness and Dancing in a whole new way. I wouldn't say it's a workout by any stretch of the imagination, more just a creative skill! But looks fun and must have taken him forever to master! Or maybe it didn't and he's just one of them naturally talented people that just got it after a play around. Probably joking around with friends because I highly doubt the gym would have just allowed him to start doing that for health and safety reasons! Okay I know most of you will have no idea what I'm going on about still as I haven't actually posted the video. So have a look below. Once you've seen it I question you to say it's not clever/creative/ fun to say the least! 

So what do you think? Could any of you do better?

Emily x

Monday, 6 May 2013

This is something I found rather shocking! I can't believe how little regulation there is when it comes to Cosmetic Surgery. I always knew there were poor standards of practice and that many women and men have been victim to botched jobs, leaving them with less than satisfactory and sometimes downright horrific results. But I didn't realize quite how wide-scale a problem this is. Especially in Britain!

I was always lead to believe that all cosmetic procedures, okay not all but most, were done to a regulated standard and set guidelines had to be obeyed by to ensure patients are receiving safe and well cared for surgery. So I was shocked to find out this was not the case at all! In fact it's the complete opposite! Women and Men on a daily basis in the UK are suffering and it's all because we're unaware of the dangers of surgery due to such poor regulation of the cosmetic intervention industry in this country.

Okay we've all heard of the PIP scandal where women were subject to botched boob jobs resulting in many severe cases of the breast implants bursting and releasing toxic liquid into women's bodies/ Which is not acceptable at all and is scandalous to think women have been subject to this. But we accepted that maybe this was an error and that