Saturday, 11 May 2013

Petrol Station Confidence

Hello readers,

I'm ever so grateful that you're back once again! Or maybe this is your first time reading my blog in which case Welcome! and I hope you do like me a little! 

Anyway so again I've been doing what I seem to do best... procrastinating! It's probably why I end up stressing out so much when it comes to deadlines and the days before an exam. Which is slightly becoming more and more concerning considering in just six days time I will be sitting one :s Yes that is a 'Worry' face! Yet strangely I'm not majorly. Well I kind of am.

Oh I don't know. Put it this way I'm concerned and worried but not so much so that I'm really doing anything about it and still think that some how I'm magically going to be okay in the exam! Even though I know that's certainly not true in any way, shape or form! Maybe I should start revising a bit more? Well I certianly shouldn't be procrastinating as much as I am anyway and spending all night watching silly Youtube clips! 

Although the one I'm blogging about is amazing and will brighten up your day to say the least! I think all I can say is these people are so fun and to be able to just stand there and belt out a tune in the middle of a petrol station is beyond me! Such inner confidence and pride. I really wish I had their sort of confidence, to just not worry about what anyone else thought and just be so bold and out there. I'm jealous of them! I think inner confidence and self belief really is beautiful, especially when it's from too clearly adorable and kind hearted, innocent people as the two in this video!

Jay Leno certianly got lucky when he chose this petrol pump! Think how different this phrank could have been if he'd gotten some miserable person who refused to play along! Well anyway here's the video... I think you'll agree it's entertaining to say the least!

Told you it was good didn't I! What did you think of their rendition of 'Living on a Prayer'? Think you'd have the confidence to sing in the middle of the petrol station? I wish I did!

Emily x

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