Monday, 1 October 2012

Happy 35th Birthday Sanctuary!

Hello ladies,
It's been a while since I made a post so thought I'd do one on my one night in since being at uni! Oh how good I'm being! Actually no it's not as bad as you think, I've not actually been out drinking EVERY night... although a fair few of them have been! But some of the time I've actually been working at your loved Boots! In fact Friday night I did an overnight shift! Yes you did read that right OVERNIGHT! 12 Hours! And it wasn't the most fun! But I managed it! 
Anyways back to the real reason I'm writing this! I found this out today that Sanctuary are actually celebrating their 35th Birthday! I honestly didn't know that the brand was that old! I knew it had been around for a while but not 35 years! That would have meant it was founded back in the 70s! Now to think how far the brand has come and all the amazing products that have been released over the years! I'm rather impressed! As since it first launched the products have only gotten better and better! Think the brand is looking rather good for 35 to be honest! 
Well to celebrate it's birthday the main Sanctuary spa in Covent Garden, London has had a major revamp and updated it's image to fit in with the world today! Looking at the images of the revamp it looks pretty impressive and somewhere I wouldn't mind giving a visit! Especially  to  receive one of their many pampering treats! It  would be one of those ultimate spa day experiences that you only get to experience on the rare occasion and if you're fortunate enough to have the opportunity! Even more so if you get the special 35th Birthday Spa Day Package!

For £99 you can celebrate with Sanctuary and spend a day at the spa and includes:
  • Full use of the Spa Facilities (so that's the pool, sauna, steam room, sunbeds, luxury seating and heaters just to name a few of them)
  • A 25 minute treatment completely of your choice (Can't decide if I'd have a facial or a massage!)
  • A glass of Bubbly! (Well what relaxing day would be complete without a bit of alcohol?!)
  • A Birthday Cake (hope it's Chocolate!!)
Or if you wanted to pay an extra £31 you can upgrade to either a 55 minute treatment or 85 minute one! Guess it depends on the treatment! But either way that's actually a really good price as most spa days are more than that! 
Would any of you be taking up the offer?
Or even if your not, I won't be unfortunately, but what treatment would you have? 
Would you even want to visit the spa?
What's your favourite Sanctuary product? 
Would be nice to hear your thoughts! Let me know :)
Emily xx