Saturday, 27 April 2013

Poor effort and forgiveness

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't been around much of late! I've been having a bit of a stressful time recently and just had so much on my mind that I've not even had time to think! So hence I've not been blogging as to be honest it's not been high on my list of priorities! Which is extremely poor of me. To be honest I don't even deserve a blog through my lack of effort! Let alone lovely readers like yourself. So I'd like to apologise and say a promise that I will start blogging again! I will start posting some decent posts and hopefully you'll enjoy reading them :) I just hope you can forgive me.... Please!

Emily x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The littlest change...


So a couple of days ago I wrote about how I tried a new makeup trend of bright pink lips and found I really like it. Which don't worry I do still love, before you start thinking this post is about me having a change of heart. No no rest assured that's not what this post is about. I was more mentioning it to say how easy it is for one tiny thing to make such a big difference. I mean in the example of pink lips it's amazing how much your confidence can be built and changed just by trying something new! It could have gone one of two ways, I could have tried it and absolutely hated it but at least I would have said I'd given it a go and wouldn't forever be left wondering 'what if'?

But fortunately I had the other option happen to me and found I have a new love! So guess I was lucky on this occasion as I now have made a change and I hope one for the better as its made me more open to give other things a go. So this has got me thinking,

how many other little things could I do to make a huge difference?

Maybe I could try another beauty change up and see how it effects me? Would it make a big difference? Would it have any effect at all? I guess unless we try new things we'll never know! So I'm gonna make it my task to try and do something new and write about it letting you know how I get on. Hopefully I find some things to really improve myself for the better! Be it in confidence, bravery, willingness or just in self improvement. Anything has got to be better than nothing!

Of course there may be things we try and discover actually it's not for me. Which may result in a knock in confidence or me feeling a little down, but this in a way will be good too as I will then be given the drive to try again with something different in order to combat this! Well I hope so anyway, I guess only time will tell!

Well you may be thinking this post also looks a little different to my others too. Well that's because I'm actually giving something new a go right now! I've downloaded the blogger app onto my phone and thought if start using this to write up some of my posts. I'm hoping that if I have it on my phone ill post more regularly. Often I have some of my best ideas for blog posts while out and about and unable to write it up. Then when I do eventually make it to a laptop it feels like the moments passed a bit and the post doesn't seem as relevant! Hence I never post at all! So let's hope this app will be a change for the good!

I'll be sure to let all of you lovely readers know how my little changes go. Hopefully a lot more often too, now I have a new app to play with! What do you think, do you think I'll be able to achieve my little goal?

Emily x

Friday, 5 April 2013

Pink Lips - New Beauty Trend

Hello Ladies,

I seem to have developed a bit of a new obsession. Now you may know I have many of these, many many beauty related ones. But I thought it was time to break a habit of a lifetime and embrace a new make-up trend. Now for me this is being brave as I'm one of those that does tend to do the same make-up virtually everyday. Just with a bit of glitter added for a more glamourous occasion. (Or when I'm feeling the sparkle of course too!) But anyway I guess I'm stuck in what is known as a beauty rut. I rely on my eyes more than anything else and they're what I tend to emphasize,  only ever slicking on a pale pink lip-gloss. Although I am partial to the beige/golden lip too! But never ever venture beyond that! I think it's because it suits me and my fondness for looking ultra golden and tanned, all the time! So to embrace something different would be quite controversial to my normal look. I don't even know what made me try it, I think it was just one of those gut decisions and to be honest I don't think I expected it to be as bright and vibrant as it was but anyway the new trend I've now got a bit of an addiction to is... Bright Pink Lips! 

So as I said, normally I would have shied away from the overly barbie pink tones and when sporting a pink lip always used to go for the very pale pink look. But as I mention  I really don't know what made me try it but I just thought I'd give it a go and found that I really liked it! It seemed to compliment the rest of my make-up look surprisingly well which I never thought it would. I think it might be because the combination of tanned skin, dark pink blush and my dramatic eyes allow for the bright pink barbie lipstick look work! It's certainly encouraged me to be a bit more bolder with my make-up and go out like it more often! In fact just yesterday when going out for a meal with some friends I used a bright pink lip courtesy of the L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash in No.103, which lasted all night I might add, even after eating and drinking! Another one that I'm quite liking right now is the Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour Lipsticks, particularly the Infinitely Fuchsia. Now this is something I really never thought I'd love as one it's reasonably bright and two it's also a lipstick and I'm more of a lip-gloss girl! But this gives a lovely colour and a bit of a shine to it too, and again it's really long lasting which for me is a big part of a colour lip product. Plus it doesn't feel too sticky or wet which I can sometimes find a bit off-putting. 

However my absolute favourite lip product at the moment is the new Apocalips by Rimmel, especially Luna! I'll be writing a full review on this soon! But all I can say for now is it's gorgeous and just gives such a lovely, glossy colour that is just perfect for anytime - well in my opinion anyway! I've been wearing everyday while at work and just love love love it! If you haven't seen the new Apocalips range I couldn't recommend them more! 

I've posted a picture of me with my pink lip look just to the side :)

What do you think ladies?  Will you be giving a bold pink lip a go?

Emily x