Thursday, 26 July 2012

To mix and match or avoid the clash?

 Hello everyone,

Something I've been noticing a lot is the way the beauty industry goes through phases of wanting everything to match, nothing to match, and a combination of various things matching! It's like with every new season we're supposed to try and switch our skincare and make-up products to suit this! So I've been thinking do we actually change with the seasons? Also, do I actually wear matching shades and what combinations do work well?

It's weird to think sometimes the trend is to match up your makeup and so suddenly it can change to colour clash! But guess it's the same with fashion trends and one minute were being told to clash prints and colours then the next it's all about complementary items! So it's perfectly understandable for beauty trends to do the same! It's interesting to see the beauty combinations advertisements from brands try and convince us to buy as well! But it's made me think how many women actually do follow the trends or whether it's now more often that we just continue to do our makeup just as we all always have done! 

When thinking about myself I do actually match up my makeup a little! I don't do it conscientiously and therefore it's not something I consistently do but occasionally I find the colours I select are aimed at matching each other! One example being I always like to use a brown/goldy tinge/ shimmered colour on my lips either through a gloss or recently through a shimmery brown lipstick to compliment a brown or gold eyeshadow! Especially my Barry M Gold dazzle dust! Just as when I'm sporting pink eyeshadow I tend to wear either a shimmery colour or pinky tones! My personal favourite is when I'm trying to achieve a mega Girly pink look! So I will use a matte lipgloss in pale pink and combine it with a baby pink glittery eyeshadow! 

However my makeup us often done in relation to what I'm wearing, for example if I'm wearing neutral shades such as beige I tend to go with either a goldy eyeshadow or brown colours but if I'm wearing pink shades then I'll go with pinks! Then with certain colours such as black it can vary depending on other factors such as the accessories I'm wearing! As if I'm wearing more silver based jewelerry I go for silvery tones in my make-up but then with gold jewelerry and accessories I go with a more gold theme! So my make-up combinations are very fashion dependent rather than being based on actual makeup trends! 

Also I think it's quite interesting to see I do actually only try and match up my eyeshadow to lipgloss! Other than that my makeup is fairly consistent and doesn't get altered really to match other makeup items! Only time I really change colour of anything else depends more on whether I have a tan or not! 

I do occasionally try and match up my fingernail colours to my toe nails, but again this isn't a necessity and often I end up clashing them! At the moment I'm actually matching a little as I've got a French manicure on my toes so guess you can consider that fairly neutral but then I've got gold glittery tops on my fingers! So adds a bit of glam but still not overboard and is complementary to the more neutral toes. A new colour combination I would recommend is a bright orange and pink!It's the perfect summer look and something that shouldn't work yet does oh so well! Bright colours not for you, try a more aqua feel and go for a mint green and turquoise combination! Again you think this would clash but it doesn't and looks highly effective! 

I know when brands release their complementary products their aim is to get you to buy everything from their brand but generally I find most people don't and are much more likely to mix and match! It's more often that we use a mixture of brands depending on who we think is best for the job! For example if I wanted a new glittery eye shadow my go to is Barry M! But got shimmery lipsticks I like L'Oreal! That's not to say I wouldn't buy all from one brand but I just like most women don't see the need right now! But if a brand did release lots of products that worked together and was of reasonable price and quality I think most women would be more than happy to buy from the same!

So over to you, Do you mix and match? Or do you like to keep all to one trend? 

Emily x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sun, Sea and Make-upless Photos!

Okay ladies, it's Summer Holiday time! A chance to get away and relax! Forgetting all the stress' of daily life, work and everything in between! Plus you can get some amazing memories that you will hold with you forever, not only in your head but often through photos as well! But that is also the one thing about holidays that can fill me with dread! Photos by the pool make-upless! AHHHH! 

Generally when away on holiday as like you I like to try and get as much sun on my face as possible so tend not to apply make-up during the day! Well except for a bit of eye make-up as I just can't go that bare without it! I'd look about 12 years old! Haha! Plus I always feel so unconfident and just feel so pale! Even when I've got a tan (false or real!) although it does help you feel a little better!  This year I really don't think I can face going out with a bare face as thanks to the lack of sun it hasn't got any sign of a little sun-kissed glow! And I know my fake tan will just come off proper easily in the chlorine and sea and whatever so as you can imagine I will look just lovely! As just like many women I've bought some really nice bikinis this year that are made to have a warm glow to accompany them! So how do I make them look good?!

Now I know that horrid feeling of looking back through holiday photos and just thinking 'omg what state do I look like!' Which is why when away last year and my friend said they wanted to get loads of holiday pictures by the pool I just couldn't bare the thought of not having my make-up on! So I was lucky that I had prepared for this day and used a few products that didn't just melt off my face and looked decent for most of the day! :D 

As a base product I'd recommend the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation, this actually lasted all day and didn't come off my skin when just laying by the pool and gave a really good finish and helped me feel a lot more confident with that added colour boost! It bares well in humidity and even when sweating i didn't get that oily look and found it to stay on pretty well! Plus it's got an SPF 15 in it so you wouldn't need sun-cream on your face too! But it's not ideal for actually going in the pool and did find it started to come off a bit! Not so that it was extremely noticeable but you know when you just know it's come off your skin and faded! But to be honest you're never gonna really get a waterproof base! Also no bronzers or blushers are particularly good and all seem to come off pretty easily! I bought a bronzer from Estee Lauder as it claimed to be waterproof but I didn't find it to last at all! I felt like it faded really quickly and the colour was gone within a couple of hours! 

 But you can get some amazing waterproof eye make-up! As I said I never go out without my eye-make-up on and always apply this! Plus it does actually stay on even when going in the pool or sea (providing you don't rub your eyes a lot, but that goes without saying for all make-up really!) I always use waterproof mascara and I'm sure many are familiar with it! My favourite at the moment is the Bourjois Volume Clubbing Black Waterproof one as I find it does volumize my lashes and give that bit of lift which I find a lot of waterproof ones don't! But I also use the Collection 2000 24hr Felt Tip Intense Liner! this stuff is amazing! I swear it's like stuck on to your face and even in intense 110 degree heat it stayed firmly put! So would fully recommend you give this a try! Plus the best bit, it only cost £2.99 from Boots! 
My Make-up after spending all day by the pool in
 some very intense heat and in and out of water!

Would be good to hear if any of yous have found some amazing beauty products perfect for laying out in the sun by the pool? I'd be really interested to hear what has worked for you and if there is a make-up product you simply cannot go out without it on! Let me know please!! :D

Emily xx


Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum

Hello everyone!
I've been keeping my eye out for all the latest beauty innovations out there on the market right now as there are so many new and interesting products all being released! Got to say some of them have really captured my attention and if they all live up to their claims then I think could almost be a beauty  revolution! We will certainly have the key to eternal youth! (Okay maybe not that far! But our skin will be significantly better!)

One product that's caught my eye is from Boots Botanics range, which I think as a brand  is actually very good!  They're products are lovely because they're natural and doesn't contain ingredients that upset the skin in any way, unlike some other brands! Making them gentle yet still highly effective! I've used several of  their  products before, some personal favourites including the eye make-up remover as it's very good at getting rid of the most stubborn eye make-up and isn't too harsh at the same time! Ooh and I love the All Bright Gentle Cleansing Cream too! I've been using it for about two weeks now and I think my skin looks really fresh and bright! Although this could also be partly down to the newest addition to their product range! 

Boots have recently launched the Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief serum and after doing a lot of research into the product I thought it would be worth a go! Which I'm so glad I did as this serum is actually amazing! And can be used by all! Yes that's right everyone! No matter whether you're young, old or whatever skin type you have! Which I think is one of it's best qualities! And as I said I have now incorperated into my daily beauty routine and I can't see changing for the foreseeable future! 
So many beauty serum's are on the market right now so you're probably wondering what makes this one any different to any others! Well I find that so many of the serums are aimed at combating wrinkles and anti-aging! Which yes I agree is very good and ideal for facial skincare as it's helping us women stay youthful! But what about those like me with younger skin! What are we supposed to use? So  never see the point of me using serums really! But to see Botanics have launched one suitable for everyone seemed brilliant to me as it means I can finally get the chance to receive the benefits of serums too! I've always wanted to get the chance to feel pampered and incorperate something a bit more luxurious into my routine! 
One of this serum's unique features is it can even be used by people with sensitive skin so everybody will be able to feel the rewards! Which was highly appealing to me as sometimes my own skin can be a bit sensitive as I suffer from very dry skin! Plus it's actually been proven to help fight against sensitivity in just two weeks! And I must say I've been using it everyday for a week and have already noticed my skin is less sensitive and feels and looks a lot more radiant! So shows it's definitely effective! :)
Also it has a built in calming effect on the skin that through it's combination of Linden Flower, Marshmallow and Liquorice can help you destress! Which has been needed at some times this week as I've dealt with some very difficult customers! (Including someone who demanded to know why my store was shut at 7:30 in the morning just because the Next sale was on down the road! She thought it was an outrage that we didn't open at 5am that morning too! Can you believe it?!)
I've got to say I think it did work too! I've not suffered any redness to my skin and my skin does feel very soft and soothed! Plus it looks hydrated and fresh when I wake up of a morning! Giving me that yes I'm bright and wide awake look even if I feel like death warmed up! 
I'd fully recommend everyone gives this a try! It's very nourishing and within even just a couple of days you can notice the benefits! Plus it's ridiculously easy to apply and we all know Botanics is a natural brand so you can guarantee it's formula doesn't contain any parabanes or anything! So it's very beneficial and no matter what your skin type it can still be suited to you! Oh and I forgot one of the best bits,  it's only £5.33! So it's a complete bargain too! 
Ooh and another plus point! Right now the Botanics products are all on offer in Boots right now! You can save a 1/3 on everything! I'm so glad I spotted this early enough! Need to make the most of any offer available in these tough times after all! 
Emily xx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Is Make-up really that bad?

Hello Ladies!

I've been reading a few things recently that have made me really think! Make-up wearers are always criticized by so-called 'experts' about the effects make-up has on out skin and it's always suggested that make-up is responsible for so many problems from being the reason we sometimes suffer spots, to being why our skin encounters wrinkles! To even some people blaming it on both their skin being dry and oily! Surely make-up can't cause both but of course the media would have you believe this!

Now I wear make-up everyday without fail! I never ever would dream of leaving my house without make-up on and the littlest I ever leave the house with on is my eye make-up fully done! So that's Eye Liner Pencil on Bottom, Eye Liner Felt tip on top and lashings of mascara and as normal my Falsies! What can I say I'm addicted to them! Haha! And I only ever go out with this little amount on when I'm going for a Sunbed and want my face to tan a lot better! Other than that it's always a full face with my bronzer, blusher and all! It's just seems a natural part of my routine now and I feel so much happier and much more confident with make-up on!   Without it I actual look like 12 years old! Not something you want to look like when you're nearly 18!  

Considering how much make-up I wear I haven't ever encountered any negative effects as of yet! My complexion has always been very very clear and everyone always compliments me on it! I mean I'm not saying I've never had a spot but even people who don't wear any make-up suffer from them so I don't think my make-up is responsible at all and think that's just a part of life! We all get them! Plus my skin doesn't look aged in fact I look too young and I don't believe my skin will age anymore as a result of using make-up! Well looking at my Mum who has used make-up and I mean a full face every single day since she was about 13 and no body ever guesses her age right! Most people say they can't believe she's old enough to have a daughter who's heading off to uni in September and many ask her if she was an underage Mum! She was 24 when she had me! So think that proves she doesn't look old at all, so surely make-up can't be doing that bad a job!

Me and my fabulously gorgeous yummy Mummy! 
So all the claims that make-up is extremely bad for you is rubbish! The only way I think it can be bad is if you don't take it off! As long as you use a face wipe at least to remove the make-up it won't clog up your pours and won't cause spots! Nor will it hagger your skin and cause skin complaints! It's all about the way you take it off rather than putting it on! Also many make-up these days have beauty benefits within them!

You think about BB Creams! They're like Skin saviors and contain so many things within them designed to really give you incredible skin and have built in moisturizer, SPF as well as some having anti-spot and anti-wrinkle aspects to it! Plus my Powder has a built in SPF and is anti-blemish control! So this can only be doing good for my skin! Plus my blusher has mineral pigments in it so this will be nourishing my skin and adding vitamins! As well as things like lip gloss' or any other lip product also incorporating intensely nourishing  pigments in them and SPF too! :D

I don't care what any research says I believe make-up can be good for you! Plus if it makes you look good, you often feel good to and that's always the most important thing! :D

Do any of yous agree? Let me know what you think. It'll be good to hear some of your own beliefs too!

Emily xx

Friday, 13 July 2012

Beauty Blog Welcome! :D

Hello everyone!

Right I've finally gotten round to creating this blog! Yes it has been about 4 months since I said I would first do it but I have at last managed it! I'm actually quite excited to have at last set it up as I just have so many things I want to say and write! 

Those of you that already know me, know I'm not one to write little amounts! I always ramble on and give so much detail it's like reading mini essays! But I'm just one of them people that just can't help themselves! I get very carried away and just end up getting so caught up in it all that I forget how much I've written! I swear I'm getting worse as well! I look back at things that I used to write and they seem of reasonable length but then I look at now and I just seem to be talking forever! Someone should really give me a block at times! Haha!

Anyways I will be writing about all sorts on this blog all related to beauty in some way! Beauty is a major passion of mine and through a combination of being a complete and utter beauty junkie as well as working for Boots I make sure I keep up with all the latest product releases and research everything new that comes out! Even if I know it's not something I will use myself I still like to know about it, plus through my job I like to be able to recommend products suitable for customer's needs!

So I also get to be one of the first to find out little beauty insider secrets too! Which many people know I have a tendency for my gossiping nature to let loose and just have to share the information with other people! So you'll probably find me telling you this information via the blog! I just can't keep it in! Plus why should I be the only one to know all the gossip? It's only fair I share it with you! I was always taught to share as a child so think I'll stick to this rule now! :)

Okay as this blog is looking a bit bare right now I think I might do a bit of a back log of all previous blog reviews I had written before I actually had this blog! You know just to fill it up a little and then as of now will be writing some nice fresh posts! 

I just hope that you find them interesting and enjoy reading them! I'm always open to suggestions too so if you think I could improve in any way please let me know! 

Emily xx