Friday, 13 July 2012

Beauty Blog Welcome! :D

Hello everyone!

Right I've finally gotten round to creating this blog! Yes it has been about 4 months since I said I would first do it but I have at last managed it! I'm actually quite excited to have at last set it up as I just have so many things I want to say and write! 

Those of you that already know me, know I'm not one to write little amounts! I always ramble on and give so much detail it's like reading mini essays! But I'm just one of them people that just can't help themselves! I get very carried away and just end up getting so caught up in it all that I forget how much I've written! I swear I'm getting worse as well! I look back at things that I used to write and they seem of reasonable length but then I look at now and I just seem to be talking forever! Someone should really give me a block at times! Haha!

Anyways I will be writing about all sorts on this blog all related to beauty in some way! Beauty is a major passion of mine and through a combination of being a complete and utter beauty junkie as well as working for Boots I make sure I keep up with all the latest product releases and research everything new that comes out! Even if I know it's not something I will use myself I still like to know about it, plus through my job I like to be able to recommend products suitable for customer's needs!

So I also get to be one of the first to find out little beauty insider secrets too! Which many people know I have a tendency for my gossiping nature to let loose and just have to share the information with other people! So you'll probably find me telling you this information via the blog! I just can't keep it in! Plus why should I be the only one to know all the gossip? It's only fair I share it with you! I was always taught to share as a child so think I'll stick to this rule now! :)

Okay as this blog is looking a bit bare right now I think I might do a bit of a back log of all previous blog reviews I had written before I actually had this blog! You know just to fill it up a little and then as of now will be writing some nice fresh posts! 

I just hope that you find them interesting and enjoy reading them! I'm always open to suggestions too so if you think I could improve in any way please let me know! 

Emily xx

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