Saturday, 29 June 2013

Never finishing what I start...

Hello Ladies,

I know it's been a while. I hate that I always do this. I hate the way I'm so so unorganized. It's not that I don't have the ideas or the inclination to blog as believe me I do! I have pages and pages of notes of things I think I should blog about. Or stuff that I find amusing and want to write more about. Plus several unfinished articles all sitting waiting to be finalized and posted. But do I ever do any of them? No. I'm useless! 

It's any wonder this blog is even still running! I will never know how I get any readers at all! I bet it's always a complete revelation to see something has actually been posted on here! I would like to say I'd change. I'd like to be able to promise to post every week. Even just once a week. But to be honest I know it's not true. I always end up with four billion other things to do and before I know it I've not gotten round to it again! Why do I do this?

It makes me wonder if my brain is just powered not to finish anything that I start? Well in terms of blog posts anyway!Which is even more annoying because I hate people that do that! Which in a way means I kind of hate me! This is not good! I really shouldn't be so self hating! Grr! Maybe actually finishing a blog post for once will make me feel better! Who knows?

 I think I may in fact be classed as the Worst Blogger ever?! I love writing.  I love blogging. I love connecting and socializing and sharing a passion! But I just fail at posting and getting my act together! Frustration doesn't even come close to describing it! 

How do other bloggers do it?! How do they dedicate so much time! Anyone care to share some tips?

Till next time... could be a while...

Emily x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wasted Fresher's Year? at least I discovered Residence Hall Linens!


So a couple of weeks ago now I wrote a post about how I couldn't get over how quickly my first year of uni had gone! it's amazing to think that I've completed a whole year and am now the really serious part kicks in! Because lets face it, we all know that first year is a bit of a what could be called a 'doss' year and that it doesn't really matter. Which of course in a way isn't true, as all of uni must count in some way, especially when it comes down to the final year and your first year results may influence you getting a first or a second! Or of course unless you wanted to do a placement year or year abroad in that case you definitely need to be getting more than the 40% pass mark! but other than that first year is all about being a fresher, going out, enjoying yourself, throwing yourself into independant living and generally just finding yourself. 

Now I will admit I think I was far too sensible for my own good really! I don't think I made nearly half as much of being a fresher as I should have done. By this I mean I was always one to favour a night in than going out enjoying myself. I think maybe that's because I'm not exactly the biggest drinker and to be honest the idea of getting absolutely hammered is not something that overly appeals to me! Which being a student in Leeds seems to be all about! So maybe looking back at the past year I should have let myself go a bit more and not spent so many nights in! But I guess we live and learn and there is no point looking back with regret as I did still have an amazing first year and certainly can say coming to uni in Leeds was the best decision I've personally ever made!

I've learnt so many life skills! I'm now so independent and the idea of living at home with my parents again seems almost uncomprehendable! At Christmas and Easter when I went home for a couple of weeks I just found it so strange having people trying to do things for me. I didn't like it really. I liked doing things for myself. Even the smallest things irritated me about suddenly not being so reliant on myself. You think I'd like suddenly being spoilt and having everything done for me again like my dinner's being cooked and my room being cleaned, but no. It was so odd, my Mum went to make my bed for me - something I'd like to add she never did when I lived at home! But for some reason it really annoyed me! It was like, I can do it myself! 

Although maybe I shouldn't complain too much when she did use some amazing new bedding that she ordered specially for me from Resident Hall Linens! And I know this can't have come cheap, especially as living in the UK we have to pay for the international shipping fee! So all I can say is that I'm a very lucky girly! If you've never seen RHL's collection then OMG visit the site now! Yes click on the link now. It's imperative! In fact I'll post it again just underneath just to make it even easier for you! They do some amazing designs and patterns perfect to suit any room and I could spend ages looking through the site picking out my perfect items. I'm actually quite looking forward to getting to choose some new things for when I move into my new flat in September. I'm already thinking about what ones I might get! Of course I think I'll have to stick with my favourite pink colour scheme, but who knows if something alternative catches my eye I'm certainly open to giving it a go.

So what do you think I should go with? 
The options of bedding is limitless, just take a look for yourself - and not forgetting storage too! -

Oh Residence Hall Linens really do spoil me for choice!

Emily x

NB: This is a sponsored post. Views promoting the Residence Hall Linens Company. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

A little place of Heaven... the perfect coffee shop in Leeds

Those of you that read my blog regularly will know I love Coffee and one of my favourite past times is wandering round the City Center of Leeds, browsing round all the local shops and generally doing a bit of time wasting! Even more so it seems when I'm stupidly busy! And one part of my general day to day goings about involves getting a coffee. It just has to be done. I have like a little compulsion and just can't avoid it. So as you can imagine I have become a bit of an expert when it comes to getting a good cup of coffee and like mine to be made in a specific way. Of course it's been more than necessary for me to have had to test out practically every shop selling coffee in Leeds. Do you know what it's amazing how many of them can't live up to my expectations! Even major chains such as certain Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero have left me less than satisfied. It just seems that certain baristas have no concept of how to make a decent cup! Well fortunately I've found somewhere that truly does live up to it's name and does provide a little cup of heaven!

Heaven Cafe in Leeds, located opposite Little Waitrose and 99p Shop certainly does know how to make me coffee just how I like it. I'm definitely not easy to impress, so take my word for it, they've got to be good! From the perfect frothy Cappuccino - any idea what's my favourite, to a flavoured latte. Then not forgetting the absolutely gorgeous and very indulgent Hot Chocolate, Heaven truly does it all! What's even better if that you can enjoy your choice of beverage accompanied by one of their extremely tasty cakes or pastries or if you're feeling a bit more peckish you can always try one of their very tasty baguettes or fresh sandwiches all made in front of you! You can't ask for much better than that!

Even if you could ask for better then Heaven doesn't fail to disappoint! They even sell chocolates! Yes you read that right, they have a fine selection of very indulgent Belgian chocolate all for a very reasonable price! I've got to say this place truly is heaven! I really didn't think that there could be anything more than could make this cafe even better than that, well that's until I visited one morning on my way to work and ordered an extra strong cappuccino, made perfectly frothy and with an extra shot plus my favourite syrup too, well I was quite satisfied with that alone. But then to be told I could have a danish pastry or porridge for free just because it was before 10:30am! Yes FREE! As you can imagine my day was completely made and I went to work a very happy girl with my pastry and coffee.

I honestly couldn't recommend Heaven more and if you haven't visited then you're truly missing out! Be careful though this place can become very addictive as the food and drink is just too good! It's hard to stay away. I'm struggling even more now they've released their summer frappes too! In fact I think I may have to have a little trip there in a minute, could certainly do with a little treat right now and I can't think of anywhere better to go! 

Anyone fancy joining me?

Check out their Facebook page by clicking on the link Heaven of Leeds.

Emily x