Saturday, 29 June 2013

Never finishing what I start...

Hello Ladies,

I know it's been a while. I hate that I always do this. I hate the way I'm so so unorganized. It's not that I don't have the ideas or the inclination to blog as believe me I do! I have pages and pages of notes of things I think I should blog about. Or stuff that I find amusing and want to write more about. Plus several unfinished articles all sitting waiting to be finalized and posted. But do I ever do any of them? No. I'm useless! 

It's any wonder this blog is even still running! I will never know how I get any readers at all! I bet it's always a complete revelation to see something has actually been posted on here! I would like to say I'd change. I'd like to be able to promise to post every week. Even just once a week. But to be honest I know it's not true. I always end up with four billion other things to do and before I know it I've not gotten round to it again! Why do I do this?

It makes me wonder if my brain is just powered not to finish anything that I start? Well in terms of blog posts anyway!Which is even more annoying because I hate people that do that! Which in a way means I kind of hate me! This is not good! I really shouldn't be so self hating! Grr! Maybe actually finishing a blog post for once will make me feel better! Who knows?

 I think I may in fact be classed as the Worst Blogger ever?! I love writing.  I love blogging. I love connecting and socializing and sharing a passion! But I just fail at posting and getting my act together! Frustration doesn't even come close to describing it! 

How do other bloggers do it?! How do they dedicate so much time! Anyone care to share some tips?

Till next time... could be a while...

Emily x

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