Monday, 1 July 2013

Friday Favourite... on a Monday!


A little while ago I used to be obsessed with an online community (I won't say what one in case that's not allowed as all content posted within the site was supposed to be kept strictly confidential!) But anyway one of the things they always had was known as a 'Friday favourite'. Now this is where basically you can write about your 'favourite' of whatever the topic was that week. Sometimes there wasn't even a topic and it was literally whatever was your favourite something that you wanted to share with everyone else. So I thought I'd include one (even though I know it's not Friday!) but seeing as it's just for my blog it doesn't matter what day of the week it is... 

Anyway this time I'm going to mention my new favourite dessert!... 

I've just discovered the Muller Light Desserts! Omg they're amazing! I have a particular passion for White Chocolate so when I saw the White Chocolate Muller Light Dessert I couldn't really resist! So glad I didn't resist it as well because it's actually so so nice! It's just the right amount of creaminess and indulgence yet isn't too thick or sickly! Would recommend anyone gives these a try! Even those that are on a summer diet as they're only 99 calories and 2 grams of Fat! Almost too good to be true in my opinion :D 

Has anyone else tried them yet? :) Or is there something else that I'm missing out on?

Emily x

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