Monday, 29 July 2013

Bloggers Aspiration/ Rant/ Negative Thoughts by me....

I really wish I was one of those people that sticks to their promises. I have the self control in some aspects. Like for instance I fill out an online food diary daily which tracks the nutritional information of what I eat and helps me watch what I eat. Probably both a good and bad thing to be truthful but still that's a post for another day. If I ever get round to it, that is. 

You see my problem is that I'm always trying to do four billion different things at once and never get round to finishing anything. Like I never even finished explaining things that I do on a daily basis without fail. Another example being my little standard fitness regime that is just compulsory. Again another post for another day but basically it's a set routine of sit ups, push ups, planks and stretches that I spend at least 20 minutes of my day and if I don't I feel a bit awkward. Obsessive I know. But hey that's me. 

So it really does beg the question... why can't I become just as obsessive with blogging? I guess it's because I go from one obsession to the next. Always have done (I think anyway) and think for the foreseeable future I always will do. Then I can sometimes break those little obsessions which is good in some cases but then I just seem to move on to something else. 

I really hope that one day my obsession will be blogging because I know once I get into it I'll really be able to make a successful blog. One that's as good as all the other amazing ones I read. So many of the girls in the Her Campus blogger's network have such amazing blogs and it almost makes me depressed that I can't match them. Well I say can't. I can. I just don't. Or is it won't? Oh I don't know. Maybe I'll sort myself out. Maybe. Probably not anytime soon though. 

Will I ever get my act together? Will I ever be the success I want to be? 

Emily x 

PS: Sorry for the post being all a bit too personal and negative. I know I know, I don't post for ages and when I do it's a personal rant in a way. I do deeply apologize to any readers out there. I will one day be better I promise!

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