Wednesday, 31 July 2013

August... my best month yet!


Okay I've decided that enough is enough. I need to stop being so negative all the time and start actually making myself happy. They say that only one person can ever make any change in life and I know that that person is me. So unless I sort myself out I never will be happy. I never will be successful or achieve my dreams. So now is the start of being positive

I know I've done this little pep talk like four billion quadrazillion times before and then like the next day I'm back to my usual miserable, depressive, crying over everything and anything self. But I refuse to be like this anymore. I've got to remember that nothing is ever as bad as I think it is and that if I'm determined to fight through problems then I'm sure I can turn any issue into at least half the problem it originally was. Plus tomorrow is the start of August. This month is my month! I'm a typical Leo and have always thought of August as being the month that was made for me. Also I'm going to consider it the real start of my summer, seeing as I've wasted the rest of it with being too negative and not letting myself fully enjoy it. 

Another reason I'm going with August is because I've actually got quite a few good things to look forward to this month. I mean I'm not exactly excited about my birthday as to be honest I don't actually want to turn 19! Yes that's right 19! I'm officially old! But anyway I guess it is still something that should be nice, especially as my birthday present is to see Wicked at London's Apollo Theater up the West End! Something I've been dying to see for the past 5 years!

Then at the end of the month I'm also going to see West Side Story at the Palace Theater in Southend. I've booked it partly because I think it will be good fun and a nice thing to see but also for my cousin's birthday (coincidentally the same day as mine!) Also it's a chance for me to actually spend some time with her, which is something I never do since going to uni!

I've also got a spa day with my Mum at Bannatynes Gym and Spa n the 2nd! Which will be lovely! We go their annually as it's what my Mum gets for her brithday from the company she works for and my Mum always kindly takes me with her! So this will be my third/forth time now and I can't wait! Both to use the gym as it's just nice! Can't wait for my run :D and then to relax in the sauna :) Then the best bit! Not one but two treatments!! I'm gonna be having a full body Swedish Massage and a facial! 

Right I think that's enough talk about that right now! I'll save it all for another day!

But I'm making it known! Emily is going to be a happy and optimistic person (or at least I'll try to be anyway!)

Do any of you think I can do it? Or have any tips for me?

Emily x

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