Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My very own nail stall?

Now this is something all of us ladies can benefit a lot from! It may not be something particularly helpful to our budgets but it would certainly help us get very creative with our nails. Obviously the results are gonna be very varied as all of us ladies on the board are very different in age, which will probably prove interesting to see if there is a common ground between all of us. But anyway here is my response:

Which shop would you want to see this new Nail stall in? Boots, Superdrug...?

Based on my own selfish reasons I would probably select Boots as the place I could create a brand new nail section in as I would want the opportunity to work in a store that stocks the brand new section! In fact if I was at my home store in Essex I'd probably even be possibly responsible for stocking it and maintaining supplies so then would get to see and explore all the latest releases too! So could I claim that as being educational? Also beneficial to the board as I could share my product knowledge with everyone on here! Also selfishly I'd like the opportunity to use my staff discount, it may not be much but it does help. Although saying that I do get student discount in Superdrug too. Plus I think most people my age tend to favour Superdrug over Boots. I think it't because Superdrug maybe seems more modern and new. I dunno, just seems to be how it works.
Where abouts in store do you think a new nail store should be located?

I think from my own knowledge of working in a shop that sells these sort of products it would be best placed in between the beauty accessories and the make-up area. Generally these aren't far apart from each other in most Boots/Superdrug stores so will be easily accessible to customers. That way customers will find everything they need in one place as for nail products they're either kept with the make-up brands or in the beauty accessories section. So to have them meet in the middle would be ideal.

What products would I include as part of my beauty stall?

I'd have a range of products, with something to suit everyone. It would keep all the classics but also be on it with the latest trends too. Girls my age like to think of themselves as unique but yet still want to be on style and up to the minute with trends. It's like the never ending battle of the two. But anyway I would have a large collection of bright, bold nail polishes that would all be standard, but high quality and wouldn't chip easily and has high levels of shine. I'd then have a glitter collection which would include all the main metallics, plus other popular glitter colours such as pink and blue. Then on to the latest trends of a fur collection which would include a selection of the most popular colours, as well as a magnetic collection and a print effect collection including crackle effect, animal prints and the striped effect one, all available in a range of the most popular colours. Then I'd have a collection of specific nail care items such as the strengthener, cuticle pens, top/base coats, french manicure pens/ white nail varnish and a clear nail varnish for those who prefer a more natural look. 

Then of course you would also need a good supply of nail accessories to go with it. So a selection of nail varnish removers, one for normal nails, one acetone free for those with false/acrylic nails and then one for weak/brittle nails. I'd also have maybe nail varnish remover pads in case some people prefer them. Then I'd need a section where you could get your nail file, buffer, tweezers, cuticle sticks, nail clipper, basically anything you'd get in a nail manicure kit. Plus also an area in my nail bit based on nail wraps! These are hot on trend right now and I'd have a selection of plain popular colours, then patterned ones e.g. stripes/ spots , then animal print, then nail art style e.g. characters, flowers, lace, etc. Ooh and not forgetting false nails too! Plus the glue to go with, just so that people can do a  quick repair in case of emergency falling off issues! There are bound to be things I've forgotten but these are all I can think of immediately. Think I've mentioned quite a few things there!

What colour scheme would I follow?

If I had to pick a colour scheme it would be quite girly, but I think that's just because f the way I am. It wouldn't be to single a group of people out or anything and I think generally people my age wouldn't be put off of it as long as it still looked modern and sophisticated with a bit of style. I would probably go for standard black holders then for the logo I'd go for a hot pink colour. My girlishness clearly coming through there! Then for the lighting I'd have a strong white lights that really illuminate and brighten the stand so that it gives that glamourous feel as well as highlight the products better.

Would I have any extra 'visual' displays?

As part of my stand I'd also include little hand models/mannequins with acrylic nails on, painted with a hot trend for the week! I'd have this updated regularly and would be there to act as an inspiration to customers. I would also have little mini books with photos of nail designs as well as the product range and maybe items that could go together, again for inspiration.

 Would I supply any specific information for customers?

For consumers the main information I'd give is details regarding the products specifically such as ingredients, but then I'd also have little style tips and ideas too. That way they're getting all the knowledge they need to know about the products and the best way for them to use them. Of course the guide wouldn't need to be followed but it's just there to act as a suggestion.

What would be my 'star' seller?

I think the biggest seller would probably be one of the nail varnishes, maybe just one of the plain colours but I don't know. Even though they're not particularly new or exciting or even all that original, they're still major sellers on the market which proves people do still like the classics. In fact sometimes people my age actually prefer just to go for a bright bold colour rather than nail art and things, well that's what I've noticed anyway. So if the nail stand was aimed at my age people then this actually might be more popular! Although of course the other items would all still need to be there as they're major market sellers too and plus you need to stay on trend too!

So what do you think of my ideas? Anything you like or dislike? Or think you could think up something better? Let me know... :)

Emily x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nails, nails, nails.

We all seem to have those little discussions with friends and family about different beauty products and I've noticed it seems that nails are a particular hot topic of choice right now. I know there are a lot of the ladies out there who really have quite a bit of a passion and certainly lots of expertise in this area and love a good natter, sharing their latest little tips and techniques. Plus any excuse to have a chat is worth it, right?

Now I'm not saying I'm an expert as I'm certainly not, but I like to think through all the things I've learned both in general life, from friends and working in Boots I know a fair bit now! Although there is still a great deal I need to learn for sure. But me and a couple of friends were talking about nails the other day and I thought I may as well share my feelings with you lovely lot too! So I've listed the questions and my answers below...

How do you shop nail? Do you shop on impulse or is it planned?

Usually when I'm buying nail varnishes it tends to be pre-planned. More often that not I know I'm gonna be getting some nail varnish. I may not know what brand or even sometimes what colour I want ,but generally would be on the look out for a new one. I find it's often when I know there is a special deal on, like the No.7 vouchers, in that case I know I'm going to buy a nail varnish, but often don't have a specific colour in mind. I more just prefer browsing them and choosing whatever takes my fancy. Although, that's not to say I haven't bought on impulse before. In fact I can think of lots of examples where I've shopped on impulse, a prime example I can think of is when  I was out shopping the other week and I saw that Barry M had released their glitter range. Those of you that know me, know I love  a bit of glitter and anything with a bit of sparkle instantly will catch my eye. So I couldn't resist and had to pick it up! Got to say I do love it! Actually stays on really well!

How do you shop nail accessories? (e.g.nail files, top coats. base coats, etc)

When shopping for nail accessories, as long as I know what it is I specifically want then I will go to a retailer I know has a decent amount of choice in that product and then select what I think is best from the choice available. For example say I want to get a nail strengthener then I will head to somewhere like Boots and go straight to their beauty accessories section and browse the ones on choice before selecting my preference and paying. I don't generally just browse for nail accessories as with them they tend to be something that I only buy when I need them. Plus working for Boots I generally know what's available on the market already so it doesn't take long to choose!

What influences what colour or effect you go for?


Generally when selecting a colour, if it's planned, then I often know the colour I'm after and it will because either it's a colour I don't have or one that I'm running low on. Also if I do know the colour, it can often usually be to go with a certain outfit. Or sometimes it's just something that I think will look nice! However in the case of the No.7 vouchers, I might know I'm buying a nail varnish but I generally don't know a specific colour so tend to pick one that catches my eye. Plus try and find one I haven't already had! Which in the case of this brand gets harder and harder! They need some more new colours I think...or I need to stop buying the No.7 nail varnishes up! 

When looking at nail varnish adverts, what are you generally looking for?

When looking at nail varnish ads I like the nail varnish to look gourgeous on the models nails, proper glossy and shiny and look like they make their nails stand out. Also it needs to look like it's quality and not one of those that will chip off in two minutes! I know it's easier to make nails look better in print ads as you can get the lighting just perfect and also take great care in applying the nail varnish to look perfect. But what would be even better is for a TV ad to show someone applying it in real time and then it drying double quick and by the end of the ad it's touch dry! Too much to ask?!

What's the next step nail brands need to take?

I think the next step for nail polishes needs to be to create nail polishes that care and nourish your nails while still giving you great colour. As 'caring' polishes are always clear or pale pink! We need bright, vibrant and bold like hot pink, blue, even yellow! Just something that's not so 'natural'. 

Which nail varnish brand has just go it 'right'?

For me the brand that's leading the nail varnish trends is Barry M. For a high-street brand they're very high quality and have a great range of colours and effects. From the basic colour collection, to glitter nails, to pastel shades. Plus being the home of the original crackle and magnetic nails! I find they're nail varnishes don't chip as easily as some of the other brands and are just the first one I consider when thinking of nails! Even over the more premium ones like Nails INC! The other great thing about Barry M is that the nail varnishes are nourishing for the nails too and don't stain them, even the bold bright vibrant colours like the yellow don't! Can't go wrong really!

So what do you ladies think? Have a different view form me? Let me know your thoughts...

Emily x

Friday, 11 January 2013

Winter 2013 Colour Update

Just a bit of glitter...

I do love it when a new season comes along! It's a chance to see what all the beauty brands anticipate will be a big trend for the following months and I love reflecting back and seeing what did in fact take off and what didn't. Like last season it was supposedly gonna be all about glitter! In some instances I think it really did work, glitter nails seemed to be all everyone wanted over the Christmas period in particular! Literally everyone embraced that trend in some way! I certainly did with my own glitter tips, although to be fair I always have done and always will embrace the glitter trend and incorporate it on every occasion possible, be it my nails, eyes, lips, cheeks, hair! Literally anything! Something tells me I'm a bit glitter obsessed!

New nails trend?
Anyway back to the new season! It certainly seems a lot of the beauty brands are anticipating it to be all about colour and reinventing our natural shades to add that hint of moderness. Some brands are going for the all out bold and bright, particularly with brands like the new NARS Colour Collection (which I've previously already mentioned in another blog post, take a look if you've not already seen it!) They seem to be going for very sort of jewel tones and also highlighting a lot of sultry and shimmery lips and nails! Personally I love it and know that a lot of other brands will be following suit! I'll certainly be using purples and probably continuing on my little gold/bronze smokey eye I've been using all winter long as it just adds that little hint of glamour without being too much for just the everyday wear. Plus I'm thinking I may update my nails with a twist on the manicure and go for a purple or burgundy base and then having gold glitter tips! (You knew I'd have to add some glitter or else what sort of ultra girly girl would I be?!) 
Mushroom Eye Shadow look

Another big new trend for this season seems to be the update of the natural eye. Oppose to the usual brown/beige/pale pink look it seems a few brands are pushing more mushroom and mink colours, something I've always thought looked good and was just waiting to take off! I've been using mushroom shades for a little while now and think it's such a nice little update and just gives a bit more emphasis on the eyes. The shade really draws them out and if contrasted with a black eyeliner and mascara look will really widen them and give that ultra pretty style! If you haven't already given this a go it's something definitely worth considering! Maybelline and Rimmel have released a few nice shades of these and being high street aren't overly expensive too! 

So do you think you'll be reinventing your make-up for the winter months of 2013?

Emily xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Exam Hell and Beauty Pick Me Ups - NARS 2013 Colour Collection

Okay ladies, I'm very sorry but I lied. I said I would be posting very regularly but for the past few days I've neglected yous and haven't been posting at all! But I do have a reason and I hope his justifies why. Basically I've been in major stress mode over Uni! I had an exam tuesday and was really stressing myself with revising and remembering everything, all the fine details and was proper panicking that I'd forget everything and didn't know enough. Well turns out I didn't need to learn half the things I did. Good right? Wrong! I didn't learn the things I was supposed to either! The word failure doesn't even come close! I know you're probably going to be the same as everyone else and think 'Oh she's over exaggerating. I'm sure you've done much better than you thought. You'll be fine.' But no this is not me being over-dramatic! Believe me you would know when I'm being over-dramatic and this isn't one of those occasions. I will honestly place any money you wish on the fact I have completely failed that exam.

I'm not gonna lie. I was and still am pretty upset. I just feel like I've majorly let myself down. But I guess there isn't really much I can do now. I'm just resting in the knowledge that in August there are resits, so I shall be giving up some of my Summer in order to try and redeem myself! So I suppose at least I've got that to fall back on in a way! It's not ideal but it's a positive for me as I can try and at least get a 2:2 at the very least!

Right so anyway I've been feeling quite sorry for myself as you can imagine, so have tried to cheer myself up a bit by walking into town and looking at clothes and beauty products, something that I love looking at and seeing the latest trends of. Even if I don't own it or buy it, I still like learning about new products and discovering things, it's just something that I enjoy! It certainly helps me feel better, I guess I really do benefit from the myth of 'retail therapy'. But anyway, while on my 'self help' walk round the town I came across something I was quite excited about!

Introducing the new NARS 2013 Colour Collection! Now I think it's safe to say we all know how high quality NARS is and usually their products are pretty high qualit. So to see the latest collection did get me a little bit hyped up! The new collection is full of things right up my street too! It's a lovely mixture of soft metallic, jewel coloured pieces and then contrasted with some majorly bold pieces. It seems to be all about expression and confidence yet still maintains that glamourous and feminine look. 

The new collection is made up of many pieces including dazzling, shimmery nail varnish, bright and bold eyeshadows and my personal favourite being the mega hot lip shimmers! If nothing else I will embrace them as I love a bit of sultriness (if that's even actually a word!) It all feels like a winter warmer to get 2013 off to a glamourous start and see us well into the summer months, so a definite worthy investment in my opinion! Or at least that's what I'm justifying when I end up spending half my student loan on it!

A lot of beauty experts are saying it's a bit of a throw back to the 90s and saying the colours seen in the NARS collection will be the style of Spring! So looks like this upcoming season will be all about shimmer and jewels and making our precious selves stand out! 

I don't know if it's even the fact that NARS have released a new collection that I'm excited about. Or the fact that there are gonna be so many amazing replications from other make-up brands (hopefully the ones that are more suited to my student budget!) In fact I've already spotted some pieces, here are my personal favourites...

Soap & Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick Powdercoat Matte Lipstick £6.00 from Boots.
  So shimmery, so gourgeous, so glam! It's hard not to resist and perfect for the hot look of Spring! This one is almost identical to the NARS collection one, yet half the price!!

Collection 2000 Eye Palette in Poptastic! £4.19 from Collection.
Gives eyes an instant colour boost and really makes them stand out! From the lime green to the canary yellow to the electric blue colour, whatever one takes your fancy you'll be able to create a bold and beautiful style! 

Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish £4.99 from Boots.

All the shades in this range will be perfectly on trend this season so really it's for you to decide what look you like best! The one in the image is the Blue but I also love the Burgendy and the Violet too! 

So will you be trying the new NARS 2013 Colour Collection? Or maybe one of the other highstreet versions?

Emily xx 

Friday, 4 January 2013

The secret spot cleaning secret every woman should know about…

Ahh! Nothing worse than waking up, looking in the mirror and seeing a load of horrible little blackheads surrounding your nose! Why does it happen? You think you've done everything right... cleansed, exfoliated, moisturised! So why, why will those little black spots just not disappear?!!

I feel your pain! I've been there myself on oh so many occasions! What seems to make it all the more frustrating is if like me you really do care for your skin and buy specific blackhead clearing products (well supposedly) as well! You think there would be something that works by now! 

Well at last I think, think I may have finally found a solution! Not saying it's going to clear you of blackheads for life or even get rid of every single one! But this certainly does help! I've been doing this for the past two weeks (yes even over Christmas and New Year) and I have noticed a difference! 

Okay so I did a lot of research on the internet, first just looking through endless amounts of websites for a product that might actually work! But found everybody was just recommending products I'd either already tried and found not to be all that or was recommending things that was just ridiculously out of my price range! I mean I'm sorry but to me £90 for a cleanser is a bit excessive! So I thought the next thing to do would be to look for what actually causes blackheads so that I could look for something to help stop the reason my blackheads are forming. Well here's what I found out...

Blackheads occur when our sebaceous glands (they're found on the surface of the skin) become blocked. These glands produce an oily substance called sebum, so when this mixes with dead skin cells  and oxygen in the air a blackhead appears! And most of you I bet like me thought it was just because of dirt and make-up clogging up our pores, without no real reason, then produced spots! (Although I'm sure not cleaning your skin properly doesn't help either!) Also unfortunately for us ladies, the sebaceous glands are majorly effected by our hormones! Just what we need. So any changes (particularly during our monthly cycle) can lead to an excess in the sebum our skin produces, hence more blackheads! 

So there you have it, I've found the reason we get those horrid little blackheads, but still no closer to finding a miracle, product to get rid of them. Or so I thought. When I really did sit and think about it I couldn't believe how obvious the solution had been all along. To really get rid of those nasty little spots once and for all its actually pretty easy and can be achieved just through a proper skin cleansing and removal method.

Firstly you need to make sure you cleanse your skin every night with a gentle cleanser, I repeat gentle cleanser. No intensive scrubs! You may be thinking why wouldn't I want to use one with a scrub in it? Surely that would be more effective? Well I found out that scrubbing your skin intensively can actually do more damage than good as the scrubs take away all oil from the face. Some oil is needed on the skin's surface to keep it supple and healthy so you take that away and you risk drying out your skin and taking away its youthful properties! I think that may be possibly even worse than the blackheads themselves! 

Next, to actually get rid of a blackhead I've found the best method to be to steam your face so that all your pores are open fully. the easiest way is to literally fill a bowl full of hot water and lean over it with a towel covering your head. This only has to be done for a few minutes and all your pres will be completely open. To really get full benefit try adding a drop of an essential oil such as eucalyptus which is known for being highly effective as a skin clearer due to its antibacterial properties. Or if you prefer add a drop of Lavender which will help to calm any irritated skin. 

Right so now, your skin should be feeling clean and refreshed and all your pores all wide open. So now is the perfect time to remove the blackhead completely. With clean hands, gently remove the blockage. Job done. But if it’s extremely stubborn and just doesn't want to shift do not by any means try and force it out as this could do more harm than good and possibly risk aggravating the skin which can even lead to horrid scars! Again something I think we'd all rather avoid!
So there you have it! the reason I've been going so wrong is because I've wasted too much time searching for that miracle product. The miracle product that doesn't really exist. Maybe because it’s not really needed! All you need is a good cleanser and some hot water! Who'd have thought it?

If any of you try this would be good to know how you get on.

Emily xx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Smokey and Sultry - the ultimate Cheryl Cole look!

So I was watching a few music videos on Youtube earlier, wasting a bit of valuable time when I should have really been revising! Good student as you can tell! I went through all the latest releases, from Will.I.Am and Britney's Scream and Shout to James Arthur's Impossible. Then on came Cheryl Cole's newest single Ghetto Baby (see bottom of page). Not only quite a good release by the Girls Aloud beauty but something about her video captured my attention. 

You may be thinking was it the staging? Her dancing? Her backing dancers? Okay not gonna lie Tre- Cheryl's latest beau isn't exactly something you wouldn't not look at and you wouldn't be blamed if your eye did casually wander and stare at him. But that wasn't it. In fact, the one thing I couldn't quite stop looking at was Cheryl herself. Now that might not seem unusual, she is stunning. But one thing in particular, her make-up! 

Cheryl has what can only be described as the ultimate smokey and sultry look! Well I think so anyway and something that I would quite like to try myself! I love really making my eyes stand out as I think it's one of the nicest looks! It's something I've done myself (or attempted) thousands of times. But I just think Cheryl is one of those who just looks incredible with the look! Plus I think the added sparkle of the smokey grey eye-shadow adds that extra glam-ness to it! Those of you that know me, know I love a bit of glitter! 

I've been searching for what I think would be the perfect products to recreate Ms Cole's look. So that you can get her ultra glam style too!

First up, this is something you need to have a good base to get the ultimate flawless finish. I'd start with a primer like the 17 Photo Flawless Primer £4.99 from Boots. Primers help your foundation glide on much easier and ensures a smooth base as well as helps keep your skin feeling fresh and not overloaded.  Next you need a good foundation that will brighten and luminate your skin, while still giving a good coverage that isn't too greasy or heavy. A good one for this is the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Brightening Foundation £24.50 from Boots (although available from other retailers too). I particularly like this one as it's oil-free so doesn't give that greasy look but yet still gives you a healthy glow. It's got an SPF 25 and gives a medium coverage but still feels incredibly light weight. I know it's a little more on the expensive side but you only need a very small amount to look flawless, plus sometimes it pays for quality!

If you feel you need it you can also dab a very small amount of concealer under your eyes. Just to ensure no dark circles are visable! We might be going for a smokey eye look but not underneath the eyes! The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £5.49 from Boots (available from other retailers too) should be all you need to do the trick! Next I'd add a small dusting of powder on the chin, nose and a little across the forehead just to ensure no excessive shininess, I find the Natural Collection Pressed Powder £1.99 from Boots is all you need for this. Plus at that price you can't go wrong really!

Now to get those stunning cheekbones that Cheryl shows off so brilliantly. To help accentuate yours first apply a sweeping of blusher just under the cheekbone in particular. You can help highlight your cheeks more easily by sucking in your cheeks when applying. A nice blusher to try is the FashionistA Mono Blusher £4.00 from Superdrug. Personally I'd choose a shade such as Coral, however for those who are quite pale might favour a lighter more pinky shade such as Glowing. Then to really make your cheekbones stand out add a small amount of a highlighter like L'Oreal Lumi Magique Highlighting Pen £6.49 from Superdrug (available from other retailers too) just above them.

Now on to the eyes them self, first sweep Barry M Black Eyeshadow £4.49 from Boots (plus other retailers) across your lids ensuring all is covered. Then top lightly with 2True Eyeshadow Dazzlers No.6 Glitter Silver 99p from Superdrug to get that oh-so glam smokey eye effect. Next use a kohl eyeliner pencil such as Bourjois Kohl and Contour Noir Expert in Black £4.99 from Boots (and other retailers too) all around the eyes to really draw definition to them. 

To achieve Cheryl's ultimate fluttery lashes use some natural looking lashes such as Eylure Girls Aloud Limited Edition Lashes £6.10 from Boots perfect for getting that glam star look she sports so often. Then fill out with L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara in Black £7.99 from Boots, something Ms Cole herself endorses! To fulfill the star's dramatic eye finish!

I think it's safe to say you will look just as stunning if not better than Chezza herself if you give this a try! Be good to hear if any of you do! 

Emily xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pantene Pro-V’s Deep Moisturising Soufflé - the new hair miracle?


Boxing Day and one of the occasions
 I've used my curling tongs this festive period!
Okay it's the second day in to the new year and I feel I can't already let yous down on the promise I made yesterday! I assured you I would post much more regularly so I shouldn't really fail on this promise just one day in should I? Well knowing me I actually probably could! But not today! I will stick to my word, no matter what the circumstance! (Okay in some circumstances e.g. I'm abducted by aliens/ lost in the jungle / trapped in cave I won't be posting. Although unlikely, think how amazing a read that would be though...)

Anyway today I wanted to tell you about what I can actual call a miracle worker! Over the Christmas period I think I have well and truly fried my hair to oblivion with the amount of heated styling tools I've used on it these past few weeks! Normally I'm really good and often leave my hair natural, as its so thin and fine already I wouldn't want to damage it anymore! Plus since having hair extensions weaved in to my hair I've been trying to do all I can to preserve their quality! But I think Christmas is just one of those occasions that you literally let your hair down and do commit it to unlimited amounts of styling and products in an attempt to getting it looking half decent for all those festive occasions. From parties, to Christmas Day dinner you can't help wanting to look your best!

New Years Eve,,, and yet more styling!

Back to the point in hand, my hair was looking less than at its best! In fact it was in need of some essential TLC so I was desperate for a product to help savoir it! Now I've probably used every single thing going in the past, from intensive conditioners to hot oils to heat rescue sprays but never found anything that's quite been a miracle to say. Anyway I was browsing to see which one I was going to try this time round, I was thinking maybe go for an intensive conditioning mask and then maybe not use any heat products for about 3 months! Which certainly wouldn't be a bad thing for my hair! But then I had something just catch my eye. It was a product that I hadn't noticed before and was instantly curious as to what it was and did. Well welcome to the Pantene Pro-V’s Deep Moisturising Soufflé. This is a brand new product that has literally only just been released and is already being hailed as the hair must have for the year!

So of course I had to try it! I was initially appealed as it promised to give me back all the nourishment my hair so desperately needed leaving it soft, shiny and supposedly 'fabulous' for up to 48 hours! Well there's something I was hardly gonna miss the chance to take up! Plus some fo the top stylists like Sam McKnight (pictured left) are also said to be big fans of it too! Telling a magazine that

“It’s an essential part of my kit as it’s so versatile”. 

So I thought anything's worth a go and if it works for my hair then almost anyone can benefit as my hair is not one to to be practical and respond how products promise they should! Just to be awkward, you know! Plus I liked the idea of a souffle, for some reason this just fascinated me! I always think of souffle as being some sort of dessert and wondered what the consistency would be like. Well here's what I found...
The effects of the souffle :

It's actually a really lovely product! It's nothing like what I was expecting as I think I almost expected something a bit more gloopy and gel like, but it reminds me very much like a mousse just a bit thicker and creamier. It's certainly nourishing and you feel your hair is really going to benefit from the minute you apply it! I applied this to my hair after I had washed it just with a shampoo and conditioner that was for dry/damaged hair but nothing that special as I really wanted to see how effective the souffle was! Well my hair feels lovely! It's very very soft and does have a really lovely shine to it! Plus it doesn't feel heavy or overloaded with product! And I can confirm it does work for 48 hours! I really love this product and considering it only cost £4.49, I think it will definitely be something I try again!

Be interesting to see what any of you think of it.... Let me know when you have tried it!

Emily x


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, new start...

Right time for a new year, new fresh start! I initially launched this blog back in the summer last year with the intention of using it as my little platform and to write about all things beauty. But I just never did! I really believed I would be posting at least about 5 times a week as I was forever writing little beauty articles that was just sitting lifeless and aimless and thought it would become my little baby! But I just never found the time to do it. I let far too many other things take over and distract me and just found I very rarely posted at all. So this year I plan to relaunch this blog a bit! 

I've seen how successful some blogs can be and know that if I work hard enough there is no reason mine can't do the same! So for any followers I do have right now look out for a bit of a transformation! I plan to be posting a lot more, making this blog look more aesthetically pleasing and generally making my name known! I really want this to do well and know with a little time and effort this can be achieved! So I know everyone always says new year, new start, but in terms of this blog I'm being serious! Let's hope this blog is a whole lot better by this time next year! But I guess only time will tell...