Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nails, nails, nails.

We all seem to have those little discussions with friends and family about different beauty products and I've noticed it seems that nails are a particular hot topic of choice right now. I know there are a lot of the ladies out there who really have quite a bit of a passion and certainly lots of expertise in this area and love a good natter, sharing their latest little tips and techniques. Plus any excuse to have a chat is worth it, right?

Now I'm not saying I'm an expert as I'm certainly not, but I like to think through all the things I've learned both in general life, from friends and working in Boots I know a fair bit now! Although there is still a great deal I need to learn for sure. But me and a couple of friends were talking about nails the other day and I thought I may as well share my feelings with you lovely lot too! So I've listed the questions and my answers below...

How do you shop nail? Do you shop on impulse or is it planned?

Usually when I'm buying nail varnishes it tends to be pre-planned. More often that not I know I'm gonna be getting some nail varnish. I may not know what brand or even sometimes what colour I want ,but generally would be on the look out for a new one. I find it's often when I know there is a special deal on, like the No.7 vouchers, in that case I know I'm going to buy a nail varnish, but often don't have a specific colour in mind. I more just prefer browsing them and choosing whatever takes my fancy. Although, that's not to say I haven't bought on impulse before. In fact I can think of lots of examples where I've shopped on impulse, a prime example I can think of is when  I was out shopping the other week and I saw that Barry M had released their glitter range. Those of you that know me, know I love  a bit of glitter and anything with a bit of sparkle instantly will catch my eye. So I couldn't resist and had to pick it up! Got to say I do love it! Actually stays on really well!

How do you shop nail accessories? (e.g.nail files, top coats. base coats, etc)

When shopping for nail accessories, as long as I know what it is I specifically want then I will go to a retailer I know has a decent amount of choice in that product and then select what I think is best from the choice available. For example say I want to get a nail strengthener then I will head to somewhere like Boots and go straight to their beauty accessories section and browse the ones on choice before selecting my preference and paying. I don't generally just browse for nail accessories as with them they tend to be something that I only buy when I need them. Plus working for Boots I generally know what's available on the market already so it doesn't take long to choose!

What influences what colour or effect you go for?


Generally when selecting a colour, if it's planned, then I often know the colour I'm after and it will because either it's a colour I don't have or one that I'm running low on. Also if I do know the colour, it can often usually be to go with a certain outfit. Or sometimes it's just something that I think will look nice! However in the case of the No.7 vouchers, I might know I'm buying a nail varnish but I generally don't know a specific colour so tend to pick one that catches my eye. Plus try and find one I haven't already had! Which in the case of this brand gets harder and harder! They need some more new colours I think...or I need to stop buying the No.7 nail varnishes up! 

When looking at nail varnish adverts, what are you generally looking for?

When looking at nail varnish ads I like the nail varnish to look gourgeous on the models nails, proper glossy and shiny and look like they make their nails stand out. Also it needs to look like it's quality and not one of those that will chip off in two minutes! I know it's easier to make nails look better in print ads as you can get the lighting just perfect and also take great care in applying the nail varnish to look perfect. But what would be even better is for a TV ad to show someone applying it in real time and then it drying double quick and by the end of the ad it's touch dry! Too much to ask?!

What's the next step nail brands need to take?

I think the next step for nail polishes needs to be to create nail polishes that care and nourish your nails while still giving you great colour. As 'caring' polishes are always clear or pale pink! We need bright, vibrant and bold like hot pink, blue, even yellow! Just something that's not so 'natural'. 

Which nail varnish brand has just go it 'right'?

For me the brand that's leading the nail varnish trends is Barry M. For a high-street brand they're very high quality and have a great range of colours and effects. From the basic colour collection, to glitter nails, to pastel shades. Plus being the home of the original crackle and magnetic nails! I find they're nail varnishes don't chip as easily as some of the other brands and are just the first one I consider when thinking of nails! Even over the more premium ones like Nails INC! The other great thing about Barry M is that the nail varnishes are nourishing for the nails too and don't stain them, even the bold bright vibrant colours like the yellow don't! Can't go wrong really!

So what do you ladies think? Have a different view form me? Let me know your thoughts...

Emily x

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