Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pantene Pro-V’s Deep Moisturising Soufflé - the new hair miracle?


Boxing Day and one of the occasions
 I've used my curling tongs this festive period!
Okay it's the second day in to the new year and I feel I can't already let yous down on the promise I made yesterday! I assured you I would post much more regularly so I shouldn't really fail on this promise just one day in should I? Well knowing me I actually probably could! But not today! I will stick to my word, no matter what the circumstance! (Okay in some circumstances e.g. I'm abducted by aliens/ lost in the jungle / trapped in cave I won't be posting. Although unlikely, think how amazing a read that would be though...)

Anyway today I wanted to tell you about what I can actual call a miracle worker! Over the Christmas period I think I have well and truly fried my hair to oblivion with the amount of heated styling tools I've used on it these past few weeks! Normally I'm really good and often leave my hair natural, as its so thin and fine already I wouldn't want to damage it anymore! Plus since having hair extensions weaved in to my hair I've been trying to do all I can to preserve their quality! But I think Christmas is just one of those occasions that you literally let your hair down and do commit it to unlimited amounts of styling and products in an attempt to getting it looking half decent for all those festive occasions. From parties, to Christmas Day dinner you can't help wanting to look your best!

New Years Eve,,, and yet more styling!

Back to the point in hand, my hair was looking less than at its best! In fact it was in need of some essential TLC so I was desperate for a product to help savoir it! Now I've probably used every single thing going in the past, from intensive conditioners to hot oils to heat rescue sprays but never found anything that's quite been a miracle to say. Anyway I was browsing to see which one I was going to try this time round, I was thinking maybe go for an intensive conditioning mask and then maybe not use any heat products for about 3 months! Which certainly wouldn't be a bad thing for my hair! But then I had something just catch my eye. It was a product that I hadn't noticed before and was instantly curious as to what it was and did. Well welcome to the Pantene Pro-V’s Deep Moisturising Soufflé. This is a brand new product that has literally only just been released and is already being hailed as the hair must have for the year!

So of course I had to try it! I was initially appealed as it promised to give me back all the nourishment my hair so desperately needed leaving it soft, shiny and supposedly 'fabulous' for up to 48 hours! Well there's something I was hardly gonna miss the chance to take up! Plus some fo the top stylists like Sam McKnight (pictured left) are also said to be big fans of it too! Telling a magazine that

“It’s an essential part of my kit as it’s so versatile”. 

So I thought anything's worth a go and if it works for my hair then almost anyone can benefit as my hair is not one to to be practical and respond how products promise they should! Just to be awkward, you know! Plus I liked the idea of a souffle, for some reason this just fascinated me! I always think of souffle as being some sort of dessert and wondered what the consistency would be like. Well here's what I found...
The effects of the souffle :

It's actually a really lovely product! It's nothing like what I was expecting as I think I almost expected something a bit more gloopy and gel like, but it reminds me very much like a mousse just a bit thicker and creamier. It's certainly nourishing and you feel your hair is really going to benefit from the minute you apply it! I applied this to my hair after I had washed it just with a shampoo and conditioner that was for dry/damaged hair but nothing that special as I really wanted to see how effective the souffle was! Well my hair feels lovely! It's very very soft and does have a really lovely shine to it! Plus it doesn't feel heavy or overloaded with product! And I can confirm it does work for 48 hours! I really love this product and considering it only cost £4.49, I think it will definitely be something I try again!

Be interesting to see what any of you think of it.... Let me know when you have tried it!

Emily x


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