Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My very own nail stall?

Now this is something all of us ladies can benefit a lot from! It may not be something particularly helpful to our budgets but it would certainly help us get very creative with our nails. Obviously the results are gonna be very varied as all of us ladies on the board are very different in age, which will probably prove interesting to see if there is a common ground between all of us. But anyway here is my response:

Which shop would you want to see this new Nail stall in? Boots, Superdrug...?

Based on my own selfish reasons I would probably select Boots as the place I could create a brand new nail section in as I would want the opportunity to work in a store that stocks the brand new section! In fact if I was at my home store in Essex I'd probably even be possibly responsible for stocking it and maintaining supplies so then would get to see and explore all the latest releases too! So could I claim that as being educational? Also beneficial to the board as I could share my product knowledge with everyone on here! Also selfishly I'd like the opportunity to use my staff discount, it may not be much but it does help. Although saying that I do get student discount in Superdrug too. Plus I think most people my age tend to favour Superdrug over Boots. I think it't because Superdrug maybe seems more modern and new. I dunno, just seems to be how it works.
Where abouts in store do you think a new nail store should be located?

I think from my own knowledge of working in a shop that sells these sort of products it would be best placed in between the beauty accessories and the make-up area. Generally these aren't far apart from each other in most Boots/Superdrug stores so will be easily accessible to customers. That way customers will find everything they need in one place as for nail products they're either kept with the make-up brands or in the beauty accessories section. So to have them meet in the middle would be ideal.

What products would I include as part of my beauty stall?

I'd have a range of products, with something to suit everyone. It would keep all the classics but also be on it with the latest trends too. Girls my age like to think of themselves as unique but yet still want to be on style and up to the minute with trends. It's like the never ending battle of the two. But anyway I would have a large collection of bright, bold nail polishes that would all be standard, but high quality and wouldn't chip easily and has high levels of shine. I'd then have a glitter collection which would include all the main metallics, plus other popular glitter colours such as pink and blue. Then on to the latest trends of a fur collection which would include a selection of the most popular colours, as well as a magnetic collection and a print effect collection including crackle effect, animal prints and the striped effect one, all available in a range of the most popular colours. Then I'd have a collection of specific nail care items such as the strengthener, cuticle pens, top/base coats, french manicure pens/ white nail varnish and a clear nail varnish for those who prefer a more natural look. 

Then of course you would also need a good supply of nail accessories to go with it. So a selection of nail varnish removers, one for normal nails, one acetone free for those with false/acrylic nails and then one for weak/brittle nails. I'd also have maybe nail varnish remover pads in case some people prefer them. Then I'd need a section where you could get your nail file, buffer, tweezers, cuticle sticks, nail clipper, basically anything you'd get in a nail manicure kit. Plus also an area in my nail bit based on nail wraps! These are hot on trend right now and I'd have a selection of plain popular colours, then patterned ones e.g. stripes/ spots , then animal print, then nail art style e.g. characters, flowers, lace, etc. Ooh and not forgetting false nails too! Plus the glue to go with, just so that people can do a  quick repair in case of emergency falling off issues! There are bound to be things I've forgotten but these are all I can think of immediately. Think I've mentioned quite a few things there!

What colour scheme would I follow?

If I had to pick a colour scheme it would be quite girly, but I think that's just because f the way I am. It wouldn't be to single a group of people out or anything and I think generally people my age wouldn't be put off of it as long as it still looked modern and sophisticated with a bit of style. I would probably go for standard black holders then for the logo I'd go for a hot pink colour. My girlishness clearly coming through there! Then for the lighting I'd have a strong white lights that really illuminate and brighten the stand so that it gives that glamourous feel as well as highlight the products better.

Would I have any extra 'visual' displays?

As part of my stand I'd also include little hand models/mannequins with acrylic nails on, painted with a hot trend for the week! I'd have this updated regularly and would be there to act as an inspiration to customers. I would also have little mini books with photos of nail designs as well as the product range and maybe items that could go together, again for inspiration.

 Would I supply any specific information for customers?

For consumers the main information I'd give is details regarding the products specifically such as ingredients, but then I'd also have little style tips and ideas too. That way they're getting all the knowledge they need to know about the products and the best way for them to use them. Of course the guide wouldn't need to be followed but it's just there to act as a suggestion.

What would be my 'star' seller?

I think the biggest seller would probably be one of the nail varnishes, maybe just one of the plain colours but I don't know. Even though they're not particularly new or exciting or even all that original, they're still major sellers on the market which proves people do still like the classics. In fact sometimes people my age actually prefer just to go for a bright bold colour rather than nail art and things, well that's what I've noticed anyway. So if the nail stand was aimed at my age people then this actually might be more popular! Although of course the other items would all still need to be there as they're major market sellers too and plus you need to stay on trend too!

So what do you think of my ideas? Anything you like or dislike? Or think you could think up something better? Let me know... :)

Emily x

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