Thursday, 28 February 2013

I'm back...

Hello everyone,

So it's me again. That person who at the start of the year promised to be blogging much more regularly, and up until January I did achieve this! Okay I know it was only January but it weren't quite as bad as it sounds, I did manage the whole month! Well nearly. But anyway, ever since I've constantly been meaning to blog. I sit there and have so many ideas for article and things but juts never actually get around to writing about them. Which is probably due to many factors. One being that I'm just useless. Secondly, I seem to prioritize all the wrong things! I seem to procrastinate so much and just don't actually do anything. I can't even say that uni work is something that is taking up my time because it's not. In fact I've got two essays and a video project, all due in within two weeks. One of them being a politics essay! Something I have no clue about. Yet I find myself simply not bothering to do any readings or anything! What is wrong with me?!!! 

But I've come to the conclusion this is not on! If I want to get anywhere in the world I seriously need to get my act together and stop wasting so much time. I need to start doing my uni work, rather than filling my time browsing the internet, facebooking and spending my life of Twitter. Next I need to get back into my blog and Her Campus as a whole. I feel like such a let down! Why am I not more organised. It was something I always had such pride in the fact that I was always very motivated, organised and always kept my promise. Now look at me. What has my life become?

Well anyway I plan to make this change. I really want to start blogging again and will, yes WILL make it my mission to do so. I will write at least a weekly blog, offering some beauty tips I've found out. Plus probably mixed in with tales of my woes and just general misery! I have realised I'm quite a depressing person! 

I hope it doesn't come across too much in my blog posts! Please tell me if I'm too depressing as I will try to reduce this. I know it will only put off any readers I do manage to gain. After all who wants to read someone who's just so miserable all the time! Okay so on that note, this is my post to state my aims and intentions! It will be something I commit too. It will. If I fail in this then I might as well deem myself a failure at life right?

See I'm being depressing and pessimistic again! Another mission to stop doing that too!

Right I'm going to end of this note. But I can assure you I have full intentions of trying to make something of this and really hope that I will. Now all I need is to get some sort of readership....

Emily x

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