Thursday, 28 February 2013

Applying moisturiser could be damaging your skin...


Now this is something I found quite interesting. I was talking to one of the Clarins ladies at the Boots store I work at and she was telling me all about the new Double Serum product that Clarins have released. Something I've heard is absolutely amazing by the way, and if her skin was anything to do by then yes it works! I know I have no evidence to show you, but this woman is 56 and I wouldn't put her a day over 40! So if that's anything to go by I certainly think I'll be investing in the Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate 30ml  £55 from Clarins, when I'm older!

But we was also discussing all skincare in general and I was telling her about the moisturizer I use. She was pleased to hear at 'such a young age' I have such a committed skincare regime. But to me I didn't think I was all that different to everyone else to be honest. I assumed everyone cleansed and moisturized their skin. But she said in 18-25 year olds only about 55% have a committed daily routine. Now this is something I found rather shocking to be truthful! If you're one of the (as I now know) millions of women out there, no matter what your age you must start a good skincare regime! Believe me you will be doing yourself the world of good!

Back to the chat I was having. As I said we was discussing moisturizers and she said at my age not to worry too much about the expensive brands and specialist formulas, as long as I'm putting on one that meets my skins needs then I'm okay. So that was one good thing for me, means I can save on the pennies  As a skint student that is something I tend to find of extreme importance! However, she did tell me I was doing something wrong in the way I applied my moisturizer. 

Need to keep youthful!
Can't be aging too soon!
If patting my skin is the answer,
then that is what I shall do! :D
At first I didn't know what she meant. Surely there is only one way you can apply moisturizer  I thought simply rubbing it on to your skin was all that you needed to do. Well how wrong I was! Did you know that this is actually the completely wrong thing to do as it can actually be having an adverse effect! Apparently by simply rubbing the moisturizer into your skin you could end up tugging on it and this will then in time eventually cause sagging and wrinkles! Something that a lot of women actually apply face creams to avoid! 

So what is the right way to apply them I hear you ask? I've been informed the best method is to get your cream and put it into the palm of your hand. Then rub them together to get them completely coated in them. Then gently pat your face. This will ensure that your skin is getting all the nourishment it needs and benefit fully from the moisturizer, without tugging on it and causing a damaging effect!

Well they say you learn something new everyday and I think that will be something I shall certainly be giving a go. How about you? 

Emily x

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