Sunday, 3 March 2013

Self Belief and Rolling in the Deep


Had a very busy past few days! With the combination of the final few nights of the LUU Dance Show, of which I was performing in. To having work all day Sunday and on Saturday I just didn't seem to get a minute to spare either after Zumba on Saturday morning, followed by co presenting on Lowdown for too, then meeting my friend in town for a gossip and a coffee! Plus a bit of shopping in good old Boots! This is me after all, you know I have some sort of compulsion to go in the shop daily, even when I'm not working! I don't know why as when working there I'm forever counting down the minutes till I leave! But hey, I'm not normal. Plus it's not nearly half as bad when you're the customer rather than the staff. Except for the spending part of course. 

Right I really must learn not to go so off topic! Despite my little rant what I'm actually posting about is inner beauty and self-confidence. Two things I don't really believe in myself I really have, which is a very bad thing probably. Believing in your own ability is one thing that we all should do. It's almost a sure fire way to eternal happiness, yet all too often we can be down on ourselves and far too harsh! Well I know I am anyway. I always tend to see the negative in everything and wouldn't dare give myself credit for doing well. Which no matter how many people tell me to lighten up, see the good in things. Stop pressuring yourself all the time! I just can't seem to be positive. 

Which is probably why I admire this little girl in the video so much. I was searching on Youtube at a few home videos of well known covers. Yes I did actually manage to find 10 minutes to spare in my hectic work schedule! But anyway, I came across the one posted below. Now there is noting extraordinary about the quality, or even the singing to that extent. But it's the little girl's pure confidence that did it for me. You can see her Dad has obviously really encouraged her and given her so much praise that she believes in herself and is happy and confident. She may not be the most amazing singer, don't get me wrong she is much better than I could ever be. (and no I'm not just saying that because I like to put myself down, I'm genuinely tone deaf! At request I'll even post a video of me singing to prove it!)  But anyway have a watch of the video below:

See what I mean? Isn't she just so full of confidence  I guess that really is the definition of beauty! To believe in yourself is saying to the world, no matter what I may look like, I think I'm beautufcul and that's all that counts. Plus I think the clear close bond between Jorge and Alexa is adorable too! Think how much time they've probably spent rehearsing and things! It's quite sweet how much he clearly adores his daughter too!

What do you think? Is she over confident? Or someone we should all follow?

Emily x

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