Thursday, 21 March 2013

Soundwave Festival Croatia - the Summer Festival fix?


Now I know I write a beauty blog but this is just something that I had to share and plus it's got me rather inspired. Now I've been thinking back to this time last year and was thinking about how lovely and warm it actually was! I remember going out in just a thin cardigan this time last year and actually being able to stand outside for longer than 5 minutes without being so cold that I wanted to cry! But fast forward to March this year and I'm shivering in about 2 minutes and that's with me wearing a massive coat, about seven layers, thick woolen leggings, scarf and gloves! What is going on?!

I am so ready for a bit of sun now! I don't just want it, I need it! It's far too cold for my liking and I think I need a bit of a sunlight fix! After all the sun gives us our essential Vitamin D requirements! So without this I'm feeling rather deprived. I don't care what anyone says, a multi-vitamin is not the same. So been searching for holidays and then thought back to my summer last year and was thinking about V Festival! For once it was so so hot! I think if it had rained I would have hated every minute, but the weather just made it! So this got me thinking, would there be a way of going to an epic music festival and get guaranteed good weather? Because I think as the weather is proving right now, England is unreliable. We could never guarantee sun, in fact it's more likely to be cold, wet and miserable! Got to love a bit of British Summertime! 

So anyway I think I've found the solution.. going to a music festival abroad! And the Soundwave Festival Croatia looks like the perfect one! I've uploaded the video of the Pre- Festival party below and I think you'll agree with me! It does look pretty epic! Just think brilliant music, gorgeous sunshine, long summer nights, warm days. This would just be the most amazing weekend ever!

Now all I need to do it find someway of funding it! Any offers?

Emily x

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