Friday, 11 January 2013

Winter 2013 Colour Update

Just a bit of glitter...

I do love it when a new season comes along! It's a chance to see what all the beauty brands anticipate will be a big trend for the following months and I love reflecting back and seeing what did in fact take off and what didn't. Like last season it was supposedly gonna be all about glitter! In some instances I think it really did work, glitter nails seemed to be all everyone wanted over the Christmas period in particular! Literally everyone embraced that trend in some way! I certainly did with my own glitter tips, although to be fair I always have done and always will embrace the glitter trend and incorporate it on every occasion possible, be it my nails, eyes, lips, cheeks, hair! Literally anything! Something tells me I'm a bit glitter obsessed!

New nails trend?
Anyway back to the new season! It certainly seems a lot of the beauty brands are anticipating it to be all about colour and reinventing our natural shades to add that hint of moderness. Some brands are going for the all out bold and bright, particularly with brands like the new NARS Colour Collection (which I've previously already mentioned in another blog post, take a look if you've not already seen it!) They seem to be going for very sort of jewel tones and also highlighting a lot of sultry and shimmery lips and nails! Personally I love it and know that a lot of other brands will be following suit! I'll certainly be using purples and probably continuing on my little gold/bronze smokey eye I've been using all winter long as it just adds that little hint of glamour without being too much for just the everyday wear. Plus I'm thinking I may update my nails with a twist on the manicure and go for a purple or burgundy base and then having gold glitter tips! (You knew I'd have to add some glitter or else what sort of ultra girly girl would I be?!) 
Mushroom Eye Shadow look

Another big new trend for this season seems to be the update of the natural eye. Oppose to the usual brown/beige/pale pink look it seems a few brands are pushing more mushroom and mink colours, something I've always thought looked good and was just waiting to take off! I've been using mushroom shades for a little while now and think it's such a nice little update and just gives a bit more emphasis on the eyes. The shade really draws them out and if contrasted with a black eyeliner and mascara look will really widen them and give that ultra pretty style! If you haven't already given this a go it's something definitely worth considering! Maybelline and Rimmel have released a few nice shades of these and being high street aren't overly expensive too! 

So do you think you'll be reinventing your make-up for the winter months of 2013?

Emily xx

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