Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Exam Hell and Beauty Pick Me Ups - NARS 2013 Colour Collection

Okay ladies, I'm very sorry but I lied. I said I would be posting very regularly but for the past few days I've neglected yous and haven't been posting at all! But I do have a reason and I hope his justifies why. Basically I've been in major stress mode over Uni! I had an exam tuesday and was really stressing myself with revising and remembering everything, all the fine details and was proper panicking that I'd forget everything and didn't know enough. Well turns out I didn't need to learn half the things I did. Good right? Wrong! I didn't learn the things I was supposed to either! The word failure doesn't even come close! I know you're probably going to be the same as everyone else and think 'Oh she's over exaggerating. I'm sure you've done much better than you thought. You'll be fine.' But no this is not me being over-dramatic! Believe me you would know when I'm being over-dramatic and this isn't one of those occasions. I will honestly place any money you wish on the fact I have completely failed that exam.

I'm not gonna lie. I was and still am pretty upset. I just feel like I've majorly let myself down. But I guess there isn't really much I can do now. I'm just resting in the knowledge that in August there are resits, so I shall be giving up some of my Summer in order to try and redeem myself! So I suppose at least I've got that to fall back on in a way! It's not ideal but it's a positive for me as I can try and at least get a 2:2 at the very least!

Right so anyway I've been feeling quite sorry for myself as you can imagine, so have tried to cheer myself up a bit by walking into town and looking at clothes and beauty products, something that I love looking at and seeing the latest trends of. Even if I don't own it or buy it, I still like learning about new products and discovering things, it's just something that I enjoy! It certainly helps me feel better, I guess I really do benefit from the myth of 'retail therapy'. But anyway, while on my 'self help' walk round the town I came across something I was quite excited about!

Introducing the new NARS 2013 Colour Collection! Now I think it's safe to say we all know how high quality NARS is and usually their products are pretty high qualit. So to see the latest collection did get me a little bit hyped up! The new collection is full of things right up my street too! It's a lovely mixture of soft metallic, jewel coloured pieces and then contrasted with some majorly bold pieces. It seems to be all about expression and confidence yet still maintains that glamourous and feminine look. 

The new collection is made up of many pieces including dazzling, shimmery nail varnish, bright and bold eyeshadows and my personal favourite being the mega hot lip shimmers! If nothing else I will embrace them as I love a bit of sultriness (if that's even actually a word!) It all feels like a winter warmer to get 2013 off to a glamourous start and see us well into the summer months, so a definite worthy investment in my opinion! Or at least that's what I'm justifying when I end up spending half my student loan on it!

A lot of beauty experts are saying it's a bit of a throw back to the 90s and saying the colours seen in the NARS collection will be the style of Spring! So looks like this upcoming season will be all about shimmer and jewels and making our precious selves stand out! 

I don't know if it's even the fact that NARS have released a new collection that I'm excited about. Or the fact that there are gonna be so many amazing replications from other make-up brands (hopefully the ones that are more suited to my student budget!) In fact I've already spotted some pieces, here are my personal favourites...

Soap & Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick Powdercoat Matte Lipstick £6.00 from Boots.
  So shimmery, so gourgeous, so glam! It's hard not to resist and perfect for the hot look of Spring! This one is almost identical to the NARS collection one, yet half the price!!

Collection 2000 Eye Palette in Poptastic! £4.19 from Collection.
Gives eyes an instant colour boost and really makes them stand out! From the lime green to the canary yellow to the electric blue colour, whatever one takes your fancy you'll be able to create a bold and beautiful style! 

Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish £4.99 from Boots.

All the shades in this range will be perfectly on trend this season so really it's for you to decide what look you like best! The one in the image is the Blue but I also love the Burgendy and the Violet too! 

So will you be trying the new NARS 2013 Colour Collection? Or maybe one of the other highstreet versions?

Emily xx 

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