Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum

Hello everyone!
I've been keeping my eye out for all the latest beauty innovations out there on the market right now as there are so many new and interesting products all being released! Got to say some of them have really captured my attention and if they all live up to their claims then I think could almost be a beauty  revolution! We will certainly have the key to eternal youth! (Okay maybe not that far! But our skin will be significantly better!)

One product that's caught my eye is from Boots Botanics range, which I think as a brand  is actually very good!  They're products are lovely because they're natural and doesn't contain ingredients that upset the skin in any way, unlike some other brands! Making them gentle yet still highly effective! I've used several of  their  products before, some personal favourites including the eye make-up remover as it's very good at getting rid of the most stubborn eye make-up and isn't too harsh at the same time! Ooh and I love the All Bright Gentle Cleansing Cream too! I've been using it for about two weeks now and I think my skin looks really fresh and bright! Although this could also be partly down to the newest addition to their product range! 

Boots have recently launched the Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief serum and after doing a lot of research into the product I thought it would be worth a go! Which I'm so glad I did as this serum is actually amazing! And can be used by all! Yes that's right everyone! No matter whether you're young, old or whatever skin type you have! Which I think is one of it's best qualities! And as I said I have now incorperated into my daily beauty routine and I can't see changing for the foreseeable future! 
So many beauty serum's are on the market right now so you're probably wondering what makes this one any different to any others! Well I find that so many of the serums are aimed at combating wrinkles and anti-aging! Which yes I agree is very good and ideal for facial skincare as it's helping us women stay youthful! But what about those like me with younger skin! What are we supposed to use? So  never see the point of me using serums really! But to see Botanics have launched one suitable for everyone seemed brilliant to me as it means I can finally get the chance to receive the benefits of serums too! I've always wanted to get the chance to feel pampered and incorperate something a bit more luxurious into my routine! 
One of this serum's unique features is it can even be used by people with sensitive skin so everybody will be able to feel the rewards! Which was highly appealing to me as sometimes my own skin can be a bit sensitive as I suffer from very dry skin! Plus it's actually been proven to help fight against sensitivity in just two weeks! And I must say I've been using it everyday for a week and have already noticed my skin is less sensitive and feels and looks a lot more radiant! So shows it's definitely effective! :)
Also it has a built in calming effect on the skin that through it's combination of Linden Flower, Marshmallow and Liquorice can help you destress! Which has been needed at some times this week as I've dealt with some very difficult customers! (Including someone who demanded to know why my store was shut at 7:30 in the morning just because the Next sale was on down the road! She thought it was an outrage that we didn't open at 5am that morning too! Can you believe it?!)
I've got to say I think it did work too! I've not suffered any redness to my skin and my skin does feel very soft and soothed! Plus it looks hydrated and fresh when I wake up of a morning! Giving me that yes I'm bright and wide awake look even if I feel like death warmed up! 
I'd fully recommend everyone gives this a try! It's very nourishing and within even just a couple of days you can notice the benefits! Plus it's ridiculously easy to apply and we all know Botanics is a natural brand so you can guarantee it's formula doesn't contain any parabanes or anything! So it's very beneficial and no matter what your skin type it can still be suited to you! Oh and I forgot one of the best bits,  it's only £5.33! So it's a complete bargain too! 
Ooh and another plus point! Right now the Botanics products are all on offer in Boots right now! You can save a 1/3 on everything! I'm so glad I spotted this early enough! Need to make the most of any offer available in these tough times after all! 
Emily xx


  1. Enjoyed this post, just bought the serum myself yesterday, very excited indeed!

    1. Thanks for your comment! It's nice to get some feedback! I personally really like the serum and sure you will like it too! Let me know how you find it! Be good to get your views too! :D