Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sun, Sea and Make-upless Photos!

Okay ladies, it's Summer Holiday time! A chance to get away and relax! Forgetting all the stress' of daily life, work and everything in between! Plus you can get some amazing memories that you will hold with you forever, not only in your head but often through photos as well! But that is also the one thing about holidays that can fill me with dread! Photos by the pool make-upless! AHHHH! 

Generally when away on holiday as like you I like to try and get as much sun on my face as possible so tend not to apply make-up during the day! Well except for a bit of eye make-up as I just can't go that bare without it! I'd look about 12 years old! Haha! Plus I always feel so unconfident and just feel so pale! Even when I've got a tan (false or real!) although it does help you feel a little better!  This year I really don't think I can face going out with a bare face as thanks to the lack of sun it hasn't got any sign of a little sun-kissed glow! And I know my fake tan will just come off proper easily in the chlorine and sea and whatever so as you can imagine I will look just lovely! As just like many women I've bought some really nice bikinis this year that are made to have a warm glow to accompany them! So how do I make them look good?!

Now I know that horrid feeling of looking back through holiday photos and just thinking 'omg what state do I look like!' Which is why when away last year and my friend said they wanted to get loads of holiday pictures by the pool I just couldn't bare the thought of not having my make-up on! So I was lucky that I had prepared for this day and used a few products that didn't just melt off my face and looked decent for most of the day! :D 

As a base product I'd recommend the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation, this actually lasted all day and didn't come off my skin when just laying by the pool and gave a really good finish and helped me feel a lot more confident with that added colour boost! It bares well in humidity and even when sweating i didn't get that oily look and found it to stay on pretty well! Plus it's got an SPF 15 in it so you wouldn't need sun-cream on your face too! But it's not ideal for actually going in the pool and did find it started to come off a bit! Not so that it was extremely noticeable but you know when you just know it's come off your skin and faded! But to be honest you're never gonna really get a waterproof base! Also no bronzers or blushers are particularly good and all seem to come off pretty easily! I bought a bronzer from Estee Lauder as it claimed to be waterproof but I didn't find it to last at all! I felt like it faded really quickly and the colour was gone within a couple of hours! 

 But you can get some amazing waterproof eye make-up! As I said I never go out without my eye-make-up on and always apply this! Plus it does actually stay on even when going in the pool or sea (providing you don't rub your eyes a lot, but that goes without saying for all make-up really!) I always use waterproof mascara and I'm sure many are familiar with it! My favourite at the moment is the Bourjois Volume Clubbing Black Waterproof one as I find it does volumize my lashes and give that bit of lift which I find a lot of waterproof ones don't! But I also use the Collection 2000 24hr Felt Tip Intense Liner! this stuff is amazing! I swear it's like stuck on to your face and even in intense 110 degree heat it stayed firmly put! So would fully recommend you give this a try! Plus the best bit, it only cost £2.99 from Boots! 
My Make-up after spending all day by the pool in
 some very intense heat and in and out of water!

Would be good to hear if any of yous have found some amazing beauty products perfect for laying out in the sun by the pool? I'd be really interested to hear what has worked for you and if there is a make-up product you simply cannot go out without it on! Let me know please!! :D

Emily xx


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