Sunday, 15 July 2012

Is Make-up really that bad?

Hello Ladies!

I've been reading a few things recently that have made me really think! Make-up wearers are always criticized by so-called 'experts' about the effects make-up has on out skin and it's always suggested that make-up is responsible for so many problems from being the reason we sometimes suffer spots, to being why our skin encounters wrinkles! To even some people blaming it on both their skin being dry and oily! Surely make-up can't cause both but of course the media would have you believe this!

Now I wear make-up everyday without fail! I never ever would dream of leaving my house without make-up on and the littlest I ever leave the house with on is my eye make-up fully done! So that's Eye Liner Pencil on Bottom, Eye Liner Felt tip on top and lashings of mascara and as normal my Falsies! What can I say I'm addicted to them! Haha! And I only ever go out with this little amount on when I'm going for a Sunbed and want my face to tan a lot better! Other than that it's always a full face with my bronzer, blusher and all! It's just seems a natural part of my routine now and I feel so much happier and much more confident with make-up on!   Without it I actual look like 12 years old! Not something you want to look like when you're nearly 18!  

Considering how much make-up I wear I haven't ever encountered any negative effects as of yet! My complexion has always been very very clear and everyone always compliments me on it! I mean I'm not saying I've never had a spot but even people who don't wear any make-up suffer from them so I don't think my make-up is responsible at all and think that's just a part of life! We all get them! Plus my skin doesn't look aged in fact I look too young and I don't believe my skin will age anymore as a result of using make-up! Well looking at my Mum who has used make-up and I mean a full face every single day since she was about 13 and no body ever guesses her age right! Most people say they can't believe she's old enough to have a daughter who's heading off to uni in September and many ask her if she was an underage Mum! She was 24 when she had me! So think that proves she doesn't look old at all, so surely make-up can't be doing that bad a job!

Me and my fabulously gorgeous yummy Mummy! 
So all the claims that make-up is extremely bad for you is rubbish! The only way I think it can be bad is if you don't take it off! As long as you use a face wipe at least to remove the make-up it won't clog up your pours and won't cause spots! Nor will it hagger your skin and cause skin complaints! It's all about the way you take it off rather than putting it on! Also many make-up these days have beauty benefits within them!

You think about BB Creams! They're like Skin saviors and contain so many things within them designed to really give you incredible skin and have built in moisturizer, SPF as well as some having anti-spot and anti-wrinkle aspects to it! Plus my Powder has a built in SPF and is anti-blemish control! So this can only be doing good for my skin! Plus my blusher has mineral pigments in it so this will be nourishing my skin and adding vitamins! As well as things like lip gloss' or any other lip product also incorporating intensely nourishing  pigments in them and SPF too! :D

I don't care what any research says I believe make-up can be good for you! Plus if it makes you look good, you often feel good to and that's always the most important thing! :D

Do any of yous agree? Let me know what you think. It'll be good to hear some of your own beliefs too!

Emily xx

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