Sunday, 7 April 2013

The littlest change...


So a couple of days ago I wrote about how I tried a new makeup trend of bright pink lips and found I really like it. Which don't worry I do still love, before you start thinking this post is about me having a change of heart. No no rest assured that's not what this post is about. I was more mentioning it to say how easy it is for one tiny thing to make such a big difference. I mean in the example of pink lips it's amazing how much your confidence can be built and changed just by trying something new! It could have gone one of two ways, I could have tried it and absolutely hated it but at least I would have said I'd given it a go and wouldn't forever be left wondering 'what if'?

But fortunately I had the other option happen to me and found I have a new love! So guess I was lucky on this occasion as I now have made a change and I hope one for the better as its made me more open to give other things a go. So this has got me thinking,

how many other little things could I do to make a huge difference?

Maybe I could try another beauty change up and see how it effects me? Would it make a big difference? Would it have any effect at all? I guess unless we try new things we'll never know! So I'm gonna make it my task to try and do something new and write about it letting you know how I get on. Hopefully I find some things to really improve myself for the better! Be it in confidence, bravery, willingness or just in self improvement. Anything has got to be better than nothing!

Of course there may be things we try and discover actually it's not for me. Which may result in a knock in confidence or me feeling a little down, but this in a way will be good too as I will then be given the drive to try again with something different in order to combat this! Well I hope so anyway, I guess only time will tell!

Well you may be thinking this post also looks a little different to my others too. Well that's because I'm actually giving something new a go right now! I've downloaded the blogger app onto my phone and thought if start using this to write up some of my posts. I'm hoping that if I have it on my phone ill post more regularly. Often I have some of my best ideas for blog posts while out and about and unable to write it up. Then when I do eventually make it to a laptop it feels like the moments passed a bit and the post doesn't seem as relevant! Hence I never post at all! So let's hope this app will be a change for the good!

I'll be sure to let all of you lovely readers know how my little changes go. Hopefully a lot more often too, now I have a new app to play with! What do you think, do you think I'll be able to achieve my little goal?

Emily x

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