Thursday, 9 May 2013

Treadmill Dance Stress Relief


I've been having one of the most stressful weeks! Deadlines on assignments are never good and certainly cause me a lot of anxiety and frustration! It seems that with me nothing can ever go smoothly. There's always something that wants to stand in my way and cause me major stress. Resulting in a not very happy bunny! So during one of my most recent outbreaks of shouting/screaming/swearing at my laptop I was actually relatively relieved to hear a little 'Bing' noise that meant I'd received an email. It meant that I could just switch to see something different. As staring at my work was doing my head in and I needed a welcome break! Even if it was just a bit of junk mail. Something to simply look at for one second and then delete. Anything was needing just to break up the constant strain of trying to figure out why I couldn't complete my work! 

Well I'm glad to say it was much better than junk mail. Much, much better than Junk Mail! It was actually an email from one of my friends who I'm always emailing like basically on a daily basis about something or another. Whether we're talking about a project or moaning about the Conditioning Class she runs because of some muck up at the gym or a newbie! But regardless I love her and her little messages always brighten up my day as she's one of them people that is permanently optimistic!  Honestly this woman is never unhappy! She is a constant ball of optimism, hope and happiness. If you need someone to help bring your mood up, she is the one to go to! So to receive a little email from her I knew my mind would be refreshed and I would be able to maybe just about smile for at least a minute! And I'm glad to say her little email certainly did that! 

Why you may ask? Did I receive a bit of gossip? Or was just a nice little message from a highly motivational friend just the answer? Well I will tell you. She actually sent me a link to a Youtube video that certainly put a smile on my face as it's just quite clever in my opinion. Basically it's a man and he combines Fitness and Dancing in a whole new way. I wouldn't say it's a workout by any stretch of the imagination, more just a creative skill! But looks fun and must have taken him forever to master! Or maybe it didn't and he's just one of them naturally talented people that just got it after a play around. Probably joking around with friends because I highly doubt the gym would have just allowed him to start doing that for health and safety reasons! Okay I know most of you will have no idea what I'm going on about still as I haven't actually posted the video. So have a look below. Once you've seen it I question you to say it's not clever/creative/ fun to say the least! 

So what do you think? Could any of you do better?

Emily x

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