Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hitbliss - The latest TV innovation!


Now this is something I just had to tell you about! It sounds absolutely amazing and I'm genuinely so gutted that you can't yet get this in the UK yet! It's not fair as I want it so bad! Why does the US always get all the best things first? Someone should make it an international release because I bet this would do so so well in places like the UK and probably other countries too! 

What am I talking about you're probably thinking? Well I've just read about this brand new TV service called HitBliss and it just sounds incredible! Okay you're probably thinking this is just going to be like all the other ones out there. What seriously makes this one any different from Youview, Netflix, Lovefilm or any of them other subscription TV services that's taken the world by storm at the moment! I will admit I had the exact same skepticism when I first heard about it as well! I thought I was just going to be reading up on yet another one of them. So to find out why it's so different is why I'm writing about it! Plus I'm hoping that someone (big time manager of Hitbliss hopefully) will see this and realize there is a market outside of America who want this service too! 

So what really makes HitBliss different? I think the reason I like the sound of it so much is because you can genuinely watch all like the best shows and not all ones from like 20 years ago! (Although if that's what you want to watch feel free) but anyway it's all the newest US shows that I personally love like 'New Girl', 'Big Bang Theory', 'Nashville', etc. But you watch them without any fees or adverts! Yes no subscriptions necessary and it's an official service meaning unlike all the torrent and pirate sites ou actually get decent quality videos, with no four day downloads or risk of getting viruses or actually breaking the law! So that's already a winner with me! 

But here is possibly the very very best part of this whole service... you can actually earn money out of it! It's made up of two different sections; HitBliss Store and HitBliss Earn. So in HitBliss Store you pay to stream hundreds of really recent Hollywood movies (think literally just been out films) as well as all the top new TV shows. Wait! You may be thinking, 'She said there was no fees!' Well that's where HitBliss Earn comes in, you earn the money through HitBliss Earn and can use it to pay your HitBliss Store bills. All you have to do is watch a few adverts whenever you have a spare minute, so not even when you're waiting to watch a show. Just any time at all in the day. You can even choose for the adverts to be tailored specifically to only things you'd be interested in, Which to me sounds reasonable and better than having a show stop mid way through for an advert break! Ooh and one other really good thing that I've just learnt is that once you buy the TV episode or film you get to keep it and watch it literally whenever you want!

So it would be really great if we could possibly have this in the UK to me thinks! Please! :D

Emily x

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