Monday, 6 May 2013

This is something I found rather shocking! I can't believe how little regulation there is when it comes to Cosmetic Surgery. I always knew there were poor standards of practice and that many women and men have been victim to botched jobs, leaving them with less than satisfactory and sometimes downright horrific results. But I didn't realize quite how wide-scale a problem this is. Especially in Britain!

I was always lead to believe that all cosmetic procedures, okay not all but most, were done to a regulated standard and set guidelines had to be obeyed by to ensure patients are receiving safe and well cared for surgery. So I was shocked to find out this was not the case at all! In fact it's the complete opposite! Women and Men on a daily basis in the UK are suffering and it's all because we're unaware of the dangers of surgery due to such poor regulation of the cosmetic intervention industry in this country.

Okay we've all heard of the PIP scandal where women were subject to botched boob jobs resulting in many severe cases of the breast implants bursting and releasing toxic liquid into women's bodies/ Which is not acceptable at all and is scandalous to think women have been subject to this. But we accepted that maybe this was an error and that

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