Monday, 23 September 2013

Lack of self control

What is wrong with me? Well I could name a lot of things actually but the one thing that I'm talking about is constantly eating! Okay at the moment this is fine. It's good in fact! If anything I should be eating 24/7 and trying to put on loads of weight! But it's the fact I'm eating when I'm not hungry then feeling really bad about it later as it's a waste of food I could have had at a later time! To most people this is ridiculous! If you want to eat something you should right? Well my head is still too messed up for that right now! I wind myself up because it's like I have a  lack of self control. If something is in front of me I just feel the need to eat it whether I actually wanted it or not! Which at the moment as I said is probably not all that much of a bad thing. What concerns me is the fact that I know I won't be able to stop when I am at a normal weight! I have this fear that I'm just going to continue being like this and end up huge. I don't do enough exercise to warrant the amount I eat! 

Eurgh I hate the fact I think like this! When will these thoughts stop!?

Emily x

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