Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy girly.. yes really!

Well for once I can say I'm happy! Yes you did read that right I'm happy! You're probably thinking, how on earth is that possible? Has she actually lost it? This surely can't be the same girl writing the post! Well rest assured it's me. I genuinely am in a good mood! Now everything in my mind food and exercise wise, plsy work wise (uni) should be making me the complete opposite but for once I just don't care! 

I think it's all down to the fact I've got myself a brand new job!! I never knew such a little thing would really bring my mood up and now I have so much more positivity! I feel like my life is finally starting to get back in order! 

I had an interview this morning for Ladbrokes and really did not think I would get the job! For starters I have never in my life ever set foot in a betting office before in my life! Let alone know what to expect when I got inside one. Well obvious I'm not deluded, I know the basics of how a betting shop worked. But I never imagined it to be quite so... classy. You see in my head a betting office was purely a place old men spent their afternoon's in, watching the racing or football match. Wasting away endless amounts of money on unrealistic odds but it's of course 'gonna be a winner'. But I am pleasantly surprised to say it's nothing like that at all. In fact it's friendly and modern and the stereotypical customer (jn my head that is) isn't true at all. 

Yes of course you do still get old men and the image of the 'drunk' that will be in them, but you also get men barely older than me. Going along to watch the football like they would in a bar, except without the alcohol of course. But that's not to say you can't have tea/coffee or any soft drink of choice. And if you're anyone like me who doesn't feel the need to drink at every single opportunity, would probably actually quite like this! A social occasion, watching your favourite team/ athlete/ racer, with your mates (or even just chatting with others in there) and actually appreciating your television viewing as you're not getting yourself hammered in the process!

Plus the inside of the store, visually is nothing like I was expecting. It's modern and somewhere you'd actually want to spend a bit of time in. Comfortable stools and arm chairs, large plasma screens, highly technological rolling poster boards, plus a rather plush coffee machine area! (Always something that will win me over). Plus also options to play other games that I wasn't aware of, such as using the in game/slot style machines and the tablet section connected to the Ladbrokes online site. So it seems the traditional betting office is long gone and we're now in an era of multi-media options and a variety of gaming options. And I thought this job was going to be dull and boring!

Seeing how nice it was in store made me all the more wanting to actually work there! I was thinking of it as just being a job to keep me going while at uni and hopefully not sod this one up! But after visiting a store it actually seems like somewhere I might enjoy and be able to socialize while at work. I could even end up having fun! (I bet I won't be saying that after working there for a month or two though... but we can live in hope!)

Anyway as you can probably work out! I got the job!!! I am now an official employee at one of the city centre stores in Leeds and I couldn't be happier! To think I wasn't actually even going to go to the interview either as I wasn't confident about getting the bus to where the interview was being held and came to the conclusion that I wouldn't get the job anyway so why bother? Well I'm so glad that I convinced myself to go!

Just goes to show that maybe good things do come along...

Emily x

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