Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Satin Pink Barry M Raspberry Nails Review

As a post exam treat to myself today after what can only be described as an awful experience I decided that I'd go and have a mini manicure at the local beauty salon in the Student Union. After all I felt my nails needed some sort of care after I'd bitten them to pieces in my stress, including biting off half the nail varnish I'd formally had on them! So they certainly were in a bit of a state to say the least! 

Anyway, the beautician filed my nails back into a decent shape and removed the scraps of nail polish I had on my nails previous before asking me to choose a colour to go for. To be honest I wasn't really minding what I had and was quite happy to go for anything. I asked what she recommended and she said she quite liked the current Satin coloured trend. I certainly was game and more than happy to give the trend a go, I knew I'd like it and if I didn't what's the worst to happen. I take the varnish off!

Anyway we went with a reddy pink as she said she could see I was a girly girl (sure my baby pink vest top/cardigan and necklace didn't give that away). So suggested the Barry M Raspberry Nail Paint (No.273). Got to say I love it!

Now I never actually thought about nail salons actually using the 'highstreet' brands within their stores. Usually it's some professional brand that costs an absolute fortune but Barry M is one of them brands that I've been purchasing since being a pre-teen just for home use! But I guess it just proves that sometimes you can get a decent polish for next to nothing. Plus the positive thing is now I know that I can achieve the same look at home!

I will admit that it didn't dry mega fast. And I suspect it won't be long before I notice a chip but when you pay £2.99 for a bottle a little touch up won't hurt!

What do you think of the Satin Nail trend? Do you think any other colour would have been better?

Emily x

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