Saturday, 8 September 2012

Gifts For the Man who has everything...

Choosing gifts for anyone can be a stressful and difficult situation no matter who they are! It's all about trying to find something that will suit that person in their needs and wants while fitting your own personal feelings and budget! Often for women our go to products for our friends are beauty products, from skincare to cosmetics usually a nice little gift set solves our little dilemma! But what about men?! It's often debated that men shouldn't be bought male grooming gift sets but why not? Men now groom themselves almost as equally as women these days and the men's skincare range is ever increasing with more and more products and brands releasing products aimed specifically at men! This proves how popular they are and shows that men do in fact care now about their skin! 

Selecting a gift for men can be frustrating, as often they already have everything they need and offer no indication of something they desire! Making shopping, a favourite past time that should be extremely therapeutic and enjoyable into your worst nightmare! What do you buy the man who owns everything? It can feel like mission impossible at times! Well thankfully nowadays we can resort to the same fail safe presents that we do with our female counterparts! Skincare gift sets! The answer to all our problems!

Men, even if they won't admit it will use grooming products and secretly be very pleased he has them accessible! the amount of times you hear of men who have secretly been known to 'borrow' their wife/girlfriend/sister/female friend's moisturizer and cleanser! So finding a good gift has now never been easier! There are some lovely  men's grooming ranges out there on the market right now! When shopping for a gift the best start is to head to your local Boots or Department Store as your first point of call! They have some fantastic men's gifts at the moment! That's without even considering the fact that next week they will begin putting their Christmas stock out! Yes that's right, in September! But this means the choice of Men's gift sets will be even greater and finding that perfect gift will be even easier! 

Regardless, no matter what time of year you shop there are gifts available for men and can suit all budgets! One really good one to look at is the Nivea For Men Q10 Skin Energy Gift Set which is just £12.00 in Boots and includes the moisturizer and face wash! It's a really lovely one and goof for anti-aging too! So all those men with that slight age concern can rest assured their skin can be saved too! Or for the more 'scent' conscious man the FCUK Wash Bag Grooming Kit which is £15.00 and includes the bag, an Urban Hair and Bodywash and the Urban Bodyspray may be something to look at! Plus an added bonus is there is a similar gift set in the FCUK Sport range as well! 

Then for the slightly  higher budgets the Clinique Essentials of Shaving Set acts as the perfect luxury skincare product! It does cost a fair amount at £46.50 but Clinique is very high quality and you get a full size Face Scrub, Cream Shave and a Post Shave Cream as well as the travel versions of them all and the bag too! A very good gift considering this isn't even part of the Christmas gift sets! 

So what skincare products would you give to a man?
Emily x


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