Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Make Over Fairy - the perfect wish?

I've been thinking how good it would be if there was such a thing as a 'Make-Over Fairy!' Imagine how good it would be for one just to suddenly appear and they could grant just one wish the chance to have a makeover of your choice!  But as with all good things there would be limits and these are as followed: 

1) You can have the choice of any make-up brand at all! No matter whether they're British, American, Premium, Cheap, For older ladies or little girls! But the only limit is that you can only have just the one brand! So no mixing and matching! Just a single brand to do everything! Makes it a lot tougher don't it!
2) You can only use this wish once and for one occasion only! So no excuses to use it for 'everyday' or 'every night out'! 
3) You have to pick a single location to get the makeover too! Doesn't matter where the location is but you can only choose one! 
4) You've got to ask for a specific make-up look! And got to give specific reasons for that look too!

I found this quite difficult to choose really!I mean we all love make-up and beauty and use a range of products to get that ultimate look! But the fact is most of us do use so many different brands to do so! I don't think I know a single person that would be able to honestly say they only ever buy from one brand alone! It's just not possible really in a way as if that's all you did, you'd miss out on so many beauty innovations and would probably end up in a bit of a beauty rut! I know for one I really shop around, I have bits and pieces form lots of brands and mix and match them all together to achieve my 'look'! 

I'd quite happily use a lip gloss from No.7 with a Bronzer from Collection 2000 and a blusher from Bourjois! I'm not selective at all and always tend to find that I mix the so called 'higher-end' make-up with cheaper brands too! But to think about just having one single brand to receive a makeover from is actually quite tough! I've really sat and thought about it as even though most of the leading brands do supply make-up for all beauty needs it's about picking one that you know is effective and will look good on you! Often people don't think about the fact that everyone is unique and what might be really good and look amazing on one person could look terrible and be completely wrong for another!

So as I said I thought long and hard about this (it was a very tough decision) but I decided to choose Benefit! I am a fan of Benefit and think they do quite a lot of innovative products that are very high quality and anything I have used of Benefit has always worked really well for me! I like that their products have a bit of a uniqueness against other brands of a similar status and that they last a long time! They're not one of those brands that you apply their products and then 5 minutes later you're looking in a mirror wondering if you did in fact put anything on! Plus I think the way you can combine their products like with their different collections works really well too! Like you could match up an eyeshadow with a blusher and and bronzer, etc and not look silly or like you've done your make-up in the dark! As sometimes mixing different brand collections can do! 

One thing I do particularly like about Benefit is their eye make-up! Especially their mascara! It's one of the only things that has even come close to being how i like my eyes as I like really long, volumized lashes that are worthy of falsies! I just can't go a day without mine but their 'They're Real' mascara is one of the only things that I can even come close to going out without my falsies on! In fact I did the other day! Which is a big step for me! I know it sounds pathetic that I'm that vain but I really lack confidence without my false eyelashes really! It's like they've become a compulsion which is ridiculous really but it's just something I've gotten used to! So I think Benefit is just one of them brands that makes me feel good about myself! As like even down to their foundations! I never find a colour that I think is a true good match for me and right for my skin but a little while a go while in store I tested one out based on the recommendation of one of their beauty consultants and it did look quite good! It was a really nice colour match and I always think when you can be fully done up and know a product is making you look good you just feel good too! 

 I think I would ask for like a very glamourous eye look that's quite dramatic and really makes my eyes shine! For me my make-up is always focused around my eyes as I find them my best feature out of everything else! So I'd like for them to stand out and be just like 'oh wow'! That would be like the best feeling imaginable! But think I would also asked to look bronzed too! As I feel more confident when I look like I've got a tan so would feel better if I had a real nice glow and shimmer to me! I think the combination of glamourous, dramatic eyes and bronzed skin would just be perfect and would boost anyone's confidence but certainly my own! 

Now to get this makeover done  I wouldn't be fussy at all! I'd have it done in the middle of the street if that's all the makeover fairy would allow! But I think the ideal situation would of course be one of them top make-up studios as the lighting and everything in them places always make you look fabulous! But to be honest I'd be happy going to a local department store or one of Benefits flagship shops to receive the makeover as that would mean all their product range was there and you could have a good look round too! Taking in all the atmosphere of the place and getting a real feel for it all! That would be amazing! Plus you always have the option (probably only one thing knowing my student budget) to buy something! 

I think the occasion I'd choose would have to be an event like when I'm going to be seeing my family for the first time after I'm getting back from uni like at Christmas or something! We tend to get everyone all together and go out for a celebration meal anyway but for me this year it's gonna be even more special than usual as I'm not going to have seen any of them for 12 weeks at least! So will be an emotional time anyway! So to be able to look stunning and at my   absolute best would be the most amazing feeling! Seeing my family and looking good at the same time! I would just want to be able to impress them! Not that they would care what I looked like! I could wear a paper bag and not do my hair or makeup or anything and they'd still think I was wonderful but for me I'd like to really look as good as possible! 

So if the makeover fairy does exist I really wouldn't mind if she'd like to give me a visit! It would make my whole year! :D

Emily x                                                                                                

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