Sunday, 9 September 2012

Diego Dalla Palma Semi-Permanent Technical Mascara - the latest tinting innovation?

So yet another new mascara product has been released into the British market promising to be the latest innovation and best thing we've ever used! This time it's main reasoning behind this claim and what is supposedly making it 'unique' is the fact it not only acts as a mascara but also as a form of 'dye' too! This product has been launched by Diego Dalla Palma, an Italian cosmetics company and it has proved extremely popular over there.  So of course as with anything it's made it's way on to our shores and can now be bought at approximately £16.00! 
I'd  heard about this product release a little while a go and got to say I was instantly attracted as I thought it sounded like a really good idea! Anything that makes our lives easier in terms of make-up has got to be good right! But of course I'm always skeptical about new products so as with most thing I did a bit of research as lets face it, it's not the first product on the market to make these claims! Plus I wanted to find out a bit more about the company too as obviously being an Italian company they're not well known in the UK! 

Diego Dalla Palma company appear to be one of the leading cosmetic's company in Italy and have several products that are loved by thousands of women! But one of their expertise appears to be in eye make-up products! Especially in Mascaras! So this looks like their latest creation designed to darken the lashes of women for as long as possible and allow a more convenient life! It's quite interesting to look at the images of the models wearing the mascara, as with most mascara advertisers the models are quite obviously enhanced with extensions which would make their eyelashes naturally look better! But seeing as the aim of the product wasn't to lengthen or volumize I wasn't overly concerned and tried to focus more on the colour of their lashes. If the images are anything to to go buy then this product does appear effective in delivering a deep black colour! Which is exactly what I'd want if it were to dye my eyelashes! Otherwise in my opinion there is just no point! 

The product works in a similar way to eye tints as the ingredients involved coat the lashes in a silicone formula that then holds the colour to the lash! It's pretty much an ultra strong waterproof mascara that will eventually wash off and I'm sure if you really scrubbed at your eyes enough would come off! Although this may hurt a little! So not recommended! But besides this it also ensures it won't smudge and from the reviews I've seen this is supposedly true! 

This whole process is supposed to take 20 days in total, 5 days in applying the mascara and then 15 days of the eye dye to last! Although a lot of the reviews said that it didn't quite last intensely for the full 15 days and by the last five days at least it had faded significantly! But then again this is what I'd expect really otherwise you wouldn't need to reapply surely! 

Another benefit of the mascara is the fact that it's also a conditioner of the lashes as it's enriched with a natural oil within it's creamy formula that will leave lashes feeling much more nourished and leave them soft and supple! As well as the brush allowing the lashes to appear fanned out and slightly lengthened! Overall the mascara appears promising and if it's successful and  proven effective this may be something worth giving try! however, for now I still feel that if you wanted to dye your eyelashes the best method would be to use an eyelash tint! As for the same period of time it would take to apply the mascara and then it's length of time it lasts I believe an eyelash tint would stay much darker!

So what do you think, do you  think it's something you might be giving a go?

Emily x

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